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Black widow x reader lemon

Black Widow X Reader Lemon
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Name: Andromache

My age: 67
Orientation: Gentleman
Color of my eyes: I’ve got dark hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Gender: My gender is girl
Figure type: My body features is quite plump

You and Natasha are polar opposites and it drives her crazy. Each move you make annoys her to no end.

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Sure you were there, you saw as the team split in two in the compound, difference of right and wrong and opinion driving a pointed wedge into the bond that had been forged. You groggily open your eyes, all your senses fading in. You hear the TV in the room and you sit up quickly, which is a bad move. Following the voice, you find Doctor Cho, head of the Avengers med team. She walks closer with a clipboard in hand. D records had disclosed.

D went down, and he vanished. Not once had anyone been able to find him and he just popped up to blow up a UN building. Shaking your head, you look away from the TV, focusing on Doctor Cho. Nothing too serious, just some bruising on your shoulders and ribs and the cut on your head. Miss Romanoff says the chairs kept the explosion from doing any major damage. Doctor Cho makes quick work of unhooking you from the heart monitor and taking out the IV.

Black Stark Industries sweatpants, a plain grey t-shirt, and black trainers. You make your way through the facility with ease, finding the two he of your team. Tony was going at it with Steve, with the news report you saw, you already know what chaos is ensuing.

Federal agents walk around but your eyes settle on your red headed girlfriend. You threw yourself in front of me the second the bomb went off. Just some bruising. All you knew was that they said Barnes bombed the building.

Tony locked her in the compound? Honestly it makes sense with everything going on. But has he really not told her about anything?

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A gentle hand runs up your shoulder, the touch familiar and as calming as it can be given the circumstances. As gently as possible, you take her hand off your shoulder and walk away to the surveillance system. Tony raises an eyebrow at you but limits conversation to that. Natasha stands as close to you as possible. But your silence said more than your words would have.

You have always been willing to talk to Natasha about anything, whether you were upset with her or feeling cheesy and romantic, you used your words to express yourself. Saying nothing at all to her scared Natasha more than anything.

Black widow (interrogation)

Tony immediately looked for source of the power outage. One glance back at the now empty glass room, you know Steve and Sam went for Bucky. Federal agents were running around working to get the power back up and Agent Ross demanded to get eyes on Barnes.

You simply shrug. Sharon Carter hurries by, telling you three to follow her and you do, putting ear pieces in on the way. You end up right at the fight. He has Natasha pinned to a table, metal hand choking her when you slide in, kicking his leg and making him let her go. Your eyes widen as he punches at you with his metal hand, quickly rolling away and jumping up you aim a kick at his side and he grabs your leg, flinging you into a cluster of tables. Every muscle in your body screams in protest when you start to sit up.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your head pounds a little but your worry shifts to the red head you just watched get choked. Sharon however is out cold.

What, you gonna kill Steve Rogers? Feel free to check my math. Tony slumps into his chair, hand running over his chest, mentioning the numbness of his arm. Natasha stands and places a hand on his shoulder. For the briefest moment you see him about to say no, but he pulls it together and says always.

Before you all launch into a plan. Fear starts to creep in.

All of this is making it harder. And then you remember: Vision. Before I told you. Neither of them are. Steve is loyal to a fault, one that makes him and Barnes look guiltier. Why does that matter more than your freedom? When her eyes glance over at Clint you move out the way of the arrow he fires at you.

The end is blunted so you know it was most likely electrified or a net. You call her name until her red magic is no longer trapping you.

This way — pairing: sub!natasha romanoff x fem!reader word

This is my first tumblr imagine so I hope you guys like it. This is definitely going to be a series. Keep reading. The second she wakes up, Natasha reaches for her side. The last thing she expected though was to find you, asleep, on the floor beside her bed. Your chest rising and falling with each breath. After taking a second to breathe and collect her thoughts, she gets out of bed and goes to shower. Running her tongue across her bottom lip, she reaches out and grabs your wrist. Her gentle tug has you following her into the living room.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She stops in front of the couch and nods for you to sit. Which you do. Briefly she disappears, only to instantly return with the first aid kit you had Black widow x reader lemon. After sitting on the coffee table, she pulls some things out of the red container, and looks at you expectantly. Now slap a band-aid on this so I can patch you up. And you feel it. You feel her inquisitive gaze following your every move and you ignore it. You feel so incredibly guilty over yesterday. It was your idea to retrieve the data before you were ready, you are the reason Natasha got hurt and it killed you.

Everything had happened exactly as it did in real life. You and Natasha were fighting, you got hit, she got hit. Those words rang in your head from the second you woke up on the floor to the moment you saw her in that bathroom. Seeing her alive and for the most part well quelled your anxiousness. Two whole months of you sneaking around with Natasha, sharing small moments over cups of coffee way too early in the morning, or sneaking quick kisses while training together.

Natasha was loving it too. She had tried to hide how happy you were making her at first, having been so accustomed to ridding herself of emotion, but with you it became damn near impossible. After two weeks she gave up, just allowed herself to burst into laughter and grin like an idiot while you told cheesy little jokes over a cup of coffee.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Despite all the happiness that flowed between you two, you both were starting to get frustrated. Not with each other, but with the lack of quality alone time together.

It seemed like every other day you or Natasha had to leave. You know that the team is going to be gone today.

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You and Natasha are polar opposites and it drives her crazy.