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Coldblood flower bulb

Coldblood Flower Bulb
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Deet, Brea, and Rian! I am obsessed with this show!

Name: Roxane

My age: 29
What is my ethnicity: Malaysian
My hair: Honey-blond hair
What is my figure type: My figure type is quite chubby
In my spare time I love: Learning foreign languages

Mortasheen Demishades. Support the kickstarter! Painted some Mortasheen minis deed by bogleech and mortasheenweekly! Alright folks, all 13 Demishades are now available for purchase in the Mortasheen Minis Shapeways shop! They are all around 1. The basic white plastic option is available at 10 dollars for all minis.

Though it has a slightly grainy texture, it can print small details very well, and it can hold acrylic model paints just fine! In addition, everyone is free to download the STL files for any mini in case you wish to try printing them at home!

I'd like to thank bogleech for allowing me to model these little fellows! Just completely snubbing the poorest parts of the entire country??????? That could have been you too.

You have to want things to be better for everybody. Do they even know? Did they think it through hard enough before they said it?

The bullshit gallery — coldblood-flowerbulb: mortasheen demishades

Because the only thing it APPEARS to mean is that literal children are supposed to have both the power and responsibility to resist indoctrination by default. You think they wanted to be? You think they understood all the ramifications and made an informed decision on how empathetic to turn out?

Is that what this shit means? THIS internet?

Viccus thiccus — coldblood-flowerbulb: i got video editing software

2: Support me! Support me by buying my art, sharing my art, or just liking my content. Also my venmo is Julie-Fiveash. Gotta pay those grad school bills somehow!

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3: Find out what indigenous lands you reside on. Ways that WE say are most helpful. Monster archive herethough none of the examples I doodled for this are actual existing monsters; I just thought this would be fun to make! If you were directing another artist to match your work, how would you explain it to them? If you have multiple series or settings, do they all share the same set of visual trends or do they differ? Can you think of any personal preferences you would be happier to indulge more?

You would all know because if they had good taste then this would have been the only anime girl they ever would have talked about. She would pick up all these old dudes who own asuka body pillows and she would pull their he off like shes picking grapes. I fully understand why westerners thought the platypus was a hoax at first. The one thing that could have made them sound any more made up would have been if you said the boys have secret viper fangs that can absolutely fuck you up with venom, and they do, on their goddamn feet.

Posts whisper to me Archive. Mortasheen Demishades Support the kickstarter! I just about lost it. Sea apple feeding, time lapse. Me licking the cheese powder from my grubby mits after devouring a bag of doritos.

Everyone tagged is on Instagram so find them there!! You can do this in a variety of ways! More Indigenous Peeps to support!! What interests and tastes are repeatedly expressed by how you de things?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This cute platypus via. That beak looks fucking glued on.

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Coldblood Flower Bulb.

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Animated shows produced by Netflix are not actually animated AT Netflix.