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Corruption of champions slime

Corruption Of Champions Slime


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Name: Merilee

Years: 19
My gender: I am woman
Hair: I have got golden hair
I know: Russian
Body features: My body type is quite strong
I like: Fishkeeping

So, you basically play as a hero shot into a a land full of demons, monsters, creatures and what not.

Sounds typical. Until, you know, you realize that this place has a very peculiar effect on people. You can transform via the tainted potions, items, food, anything, really.

Oh, oh yeah, and sex demons. Everyone is apparently sex crazed.

And surprisingly, the story holds up pretty damn well. The characters are memorable, the descriptions are nice, you get a nice feel for everything, all that sort. Unlikeā€¦ I think it was Flexible Survival, or something, this is just right. You are a 5 foot 5 inch tall human, with bodybuilder-like muscles as quick as they are strong. You are currently wearing slutty swimwear and using your lust-enchanted dagger as a weapon. You have a fairly normal face, with purple latex skin.

The only oddity is your pair of dripping fangs which often hang over your lower lip. The flowing locks of gooey sandy blonde hair on your head parts around a pair of very horse-like ears that grow up from your head. A snake-like tongue occasionally flits between your lips, tasting the air. A quartet of prominant horns has broken through your latex skin. The back pair are longer, and curve back along your head.

The front pair protrude forward demonically. You have normal thighs, and your shapely ass fills out your clothing nicely. A narrow tail ending in a spaded tip curls down from your full ass, wrapping around your leg sensually at every opportunity. Your perfect lissom legs end in mostly human feet, apart from the horn protruding straight down from the heel that forces you to walk with a sexy, swaying gait. They could easily fill a HH-cup bra.

Picture detail

They could easily fill a F-cup bra. They could easily fill a E-cup bra. The obscenely swollen lump of flesh near the base of your mastiff-length bulbous prick looks almost comically mismatched for your mastiff-length bulbous prick. The knot is 5. A large bulge of flesh nestles just above the bottom of your fat knotted cock, to ensure it stays where it belongs during mating.

The knot is 3.

Corruption of champions ii scene archives

You have a pussy, with a 0. Thin streams of milky lubricant occasionally dribble from the massive hole that is your pussy. Looking positively perverse, a seamless, diamond cock-stud adorns your mastiff-length puppy-pecker.

Turn into a demon cow and have semen sucked out of you through machinery attempting to corrupt a tree goddess? Or mating with said corrupted goddess eternally?

Being a male breeder of sharks and have your life be nothing but carnal bliss? Turn into a cumdumpster after being addicted to minotaur jizz or a turn into a submissive female centaur fit only for breeding?

Hell, be the slave of a demonic troupe, having an orgy everywhere. Be a fetish slave to a demon, or become a member of a church devoted to corrupting people into mindless followers. Still fappable. Do one better. Corrupt that little priest dude to be your cocksleeve.

Hell, make a flame god be your bitch. You know that asshole incubus mechanic? Make him take it in the ass.

Save the race of a once pure human and raise a family together. Become the lover of a farm hand and show her that, no matter how corrupted, you will love her. Become the regular of a town and show people that there is hope in the world. Cleanse the lake of demonic filth.

Takes some build up unless you debug and get infinite items. All I know is this is amazing. Like, DAMN amazing. Play this game. Build up, the quality of scenes, everything.

Picture detail

Shit is NSFW and is sort of smut. Anyway, moving on. And man, is it amazing. Your belly is larger than it used to be. You have three rows of breasts, the topmost pair starting at your chest.

Where a penis would normally be located, you have instead grown a brace of huge doggie dongs! You have one tight butthole, placed between your shapely butt-cheeks where it belongs. Your milk-seeping teats are pierced with seamless black nipple-studs.

You have shining gems, collected in your travels. All of them.

Possibilities are endless. This guy updates all the time, every time.

Corruption of champions ii scene archives

But hey, you can still be a good guy. Be a fitting hero. Oh, man, that pure, mouse-girl waifu. If not, enjoy the squick. Awwwww yeah- what. CoC Corruption of Champions nsfw kid is a sick fuck. See itskid's whole Tumblr.

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