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Desire traveler tumblr

Desire Traveler Tumblr


Can I ask, how do you handle it whenever you miss something and someone else another editor, your own client calls you out on it? Is anyone ever perfect? No one is perfect. An initial developmental edit or sometimes the cheaper manuscript critique. This is all about the big picture issues like plot, theme, characterization, world-building, structure, etc.

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Would anyone have any interest in if I made an entire Tumblr blog where I just talk about my cope world I invented in High School?

Like there is full worldbuilding and magic mechanics in it. I love desire paths. There's something so wonderous about seeing an echo of humanity. Depending on it's location, a desire path can mean so many different things. In a city, like the pic above, they represent rebellion, and efficiency. The messiness of humanity.

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We like to imagine we're oh so logical and neat so we de our cities to be logical and neat an then real humans literally trample on that idea. The ego required to think you can de something perfect that checks every box. Life is all about compromise and patching stuff when some new problem arises. Though people have certainly tried!

Ohio state univeristy let students carve their desire paths, and then paved them over. It looks pretty artsy. Certain desire paths are just adorable.

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You just can't de for maximum efficiency, humans will always find shortcuts! Though on occasion a desire path can actually be the least efficient way In a wilder area, such as below, they show us the curiosity of humans. A desire path somewhere natural often tells you there's something interesting just ahead.

Though remember some ecosystems are fragile and will suffer if trampled! Stick to paths in these sorts of areas. And how about desire stairs?

I always think these look so cool. We get see humans determination to climb, to traverse every kind of terrain. All of these pics are off the Desirepath subreddit, check them out for more examples! And many thanks to the users who submitted these photos. You're basically using other people's rent to pay your rent on the property.

Comments section is like 'well if you want a home bad enough, just buy one. Oh wait.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

They probably have bad credit. Fuckin Lucas up there is buying up all the real estate. Cant even tour a house with good credit because you blink and it's off the market. There is an example of a decent landlord in the article. She runs several apartment buildings and she organizes social gatherings, education programs, tries to help tenants that are struggling.

Good for her. My last apartment caught on fire because the property manager said that the burner on the stove not working wasn't a problem. In early s, I paid for an apartment with a hole in the roof and a heater that had two settings. All this talk about terrible landlords in my area comes because of a negligent landlord that didnt pay any fucking attention to service calls and just collected his paycheck every month finally was labeled a public nuisance.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Some very gross details in that link. Yall wouldnt be rushing to evict people when the moratorium ended. You wouldnt deny housing to sex workers.

It starts off with rival pizza makers who argue over who has the best pizza and are driving the customers away. Then they create a pizza together, combine restaurants and live happily ever after with the crazy window lady. Biblical What If…. Some people will try to discourage desire paths, but this is almost always going to fail. Eventually, people just have to accept them.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Humans are too dang stubborn. Stick to paths in these sorts of areas And how about desire stairs? And for something really crazy Give them free candy. It's called a credit card. And then this: You're basically using other people's rent to pay your rent on the property.

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Why do you need seven homes, Lucas? Landlords need to be fucking regulated, the minimum wage needs to go up, or both. Yes, there are some landlords who are quick to evict, but central Ohio advocates say many have been benevolent and try to help tenants. The concept of landlords needs to be abolished altogether. Not sure if Mario is into that. Recently Liked.

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