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Diaper stories boys

Diaper Stories Boys
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Since getting the internet about 12 years ago ive always loved diaper stories so I decided to write one…. Nick was your average 12 year old in his town. He played baseball and football got good grades, got into trouble in class, and like h is friends was getting his first girlfriends, etc.

Nick, diaper boy

But the thing that set him apart was that he also loved diapers. He never knew why, but something about seeing younger kids at babysitters when he was younger and his little cousins on family trips getting diapered always made him almost jealous as if he wanted to be wearing diapers too. Over the years he had tried unsuccessfully a few times to get diapers from a few places but always chickened out.

Then in May his family hosted a semi-family reunion. He knew this would be his chance to snag some diapers. Nick thought about it on Wednesday night as he went to bed going over all the diaper opportunities.

Aunt Marsha had a nine month old boy Adam who obviously wore diapers full time and her daughter Marissa who was 3 still wet the bed and wore pull ups at night. His Aunt Jessica also had a one and a half year old Ben that wore diapers full time still, and the last time Nick seen them, Jenny still wet the bed at age 4, now she was 5, but Nick was pretty sure she was still in goodnites at least; Jessica also had another daughter Molly who was 9, but obviously she was out of diapers by now.

Nick figured with a crowd consisting of his mother and sister Gina 14his two aunts, and his four cousins he could easily sneak off and get a stash of diapers.

Story: cody, the diaper boy next door

He figured the women would hang out together and watch the babies, Marrissa and Jenny were definitely going to be close by ther parents too, while Gina and his cousin Molly would go play together, leaving him to go play with friends before too long, then he could sneak in the house and raid the diapers. All day Friday Nick was going through the idea of getting diapers, he could hardly concentrate at school.

This was going to be an excellent weekend, his girlfriend was going out of town in a volleyball tournament, and all his best friends were going on a fishing trip that Nick normally would have went on but decided to stay home this time. He knew he could beg his way out of this family function, but he also knew this may be one of the only times for a while that he would have a chance to get his hand on some diapers.

As he sat in his seventh period study hall he acted as if he was studying some notes. While really he had other ideas racing through his mind, namely Diaper stories boys diapers would he get and would they fit, home many could he take without getting caught, and what would happen if the he somehow was caught? For a moment he had second thoughts, then realized it would be ok.

Diaper boy stories

Then he started to doodle out diagrams of what kinds of diapers might be available, as he knew what brands had what from looking at all the Sunday paper from kmart, walmart, and target, saying he was looking for new video games, yet first he went to was baby things. He figured Adam and ben obviously still wore classic baby diapers, would they be luvs with barney on them? Pampers with sesame street?

And what was on Huggies these days? Suddenly he snapped out of it an noticed he was writing this down on his notebook and took a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching luckily no one was.

The family, and more importantly, the diapers had arrived. For a fleeting second he thought what if I wet my pants now when I got home would I be diapered. He immediately thought better of that as he would likely be humiliated by the consequences. He walked in the door and did the typical hugs and nice to see yas. He then sat at the kitchen table and heated up some pizza for an after school snack. As anticipated the groups started to form. His mom, Wendy, and aunts Jessica and Marsha were in the living room having a few drinks and talking about how long its been since they last seen each other, right alongside them were Ben and Adam.

Just across the room with dolls in tow were Marissa and Jenny.

Diaper stories boys making there way to the backyard was his sister Gina and his cousin Molly. Nick went in the living room and made small talk with them as like all aunts they wanted to hear what he had been up too. He told them about the football season last fall and school. Then of course they teased him to the point of blushing about having a girlfriend.

After all that it it was apparent the two boys needed a change, Jessica asked Nick to be a dear and grab the diaper bags upstairs. Nick of course said yes and tried not to go into a all out sprint upstairs to check things out. Once inside the room he did a quick analysis. Nick brought down the diaper bag and was thanked by his aunt Marsha and Jessica and they then went to their duty of changing the wet diapers. Of course Nick blushed ten shades of red, then his mom helped him out by saying luckily he was trained earlier, because she definitely did not envy her sisters for that part of having babies.

They all had a good laugh then Nick excused himself and went to his room to play video games. Not having any friends around Nick ended up playing games for quite some time and later decided to go downstairs for a pop. He heard his Aunts and mothers voices getting louder and seeming a little tipsy and decided to try and avoid them, of course they saw him.

Diaper changing from a baby boy’s perspective

He quickly grabbed three of the Minnie pull-ups and stashed them in the back of the closet in the guest room where the babies were being put up for the weekend. He figured these would be a worst case scenario diaper if needed. He handed Jessica the diaper and asked if she needed anything else.

Jessica then started to try and refold the diaper that was mistakenly grabbed for Adam. Unless you want to wear it since you messed it up.

By now it was time for Marissa and Jenny to go to bed to Marsha announced. They have little princess crowns that disappear when there wet, and if she get up at night they go down easy so she can potty. After a few more hours of talking everyone retreated to bed.

The next day, the group piled into SUVs to go out to the mall and a park. After what seemed like an eternity at the mall they were on there way to a park. After the quick run to Target the group reunited at the park. After a quick meal The women sat around and talked, the babies crawled around on blankets, and they otheres dispersed all about the park.

My diaper stories

Once their Aunt Jessica and Marsha packed up and decided it was time to go. The goodbyes and hugs followed and next thing he knew Nick was waving goodbye from the driveway. He stealthily got back into his room and locked the door. It actually fit pretty well, he was surprised. He could barely keep from laughing aloud at his comical appearance, a twelve year old boy in white tshirt and socks, with a pink and white Minnie Mouse Pull-up on.

Contributed stories

After a bit he decided to throw on some shorts over it in case of emergency. He wore the diaper for quite sometime before deciding to wet it. Then it worked and he soon flooded the pull up. He loved the wet and warm feeling and lied down and watched some tv. As he was starting to get drowsy he removed the pull up and hid it away in his closet. He took that with the other two unused pull-ups and stuffed them into the back of his dresser drawer that was all old clothes.

The next morning Nick awoke thinking of how fun it was to wear that diaper. He unfortunately had to switch gears as he had to work on a school paper. He went downstairs to begin typing the paper, he rushed through it one hundred miles an hour. For one Wednesday was the last day of Diaper stories boys and this was the thing he really had to do for the school year. Once he was done he had a idea, he wanted to look up diapers on the internet. Nick went to his room and waited until his mom left as she liked to go in to the office for a few hours on Sunday nights Diaper stories boys set up for the upcoming work week.

Gina was at a friends so he figured why not treat himself to a present for completing all his work for sixth grade. He quickly went upstairs and slipped one of the pull-ups and threw some shorts on over them and went down to the computer room. Nick found a few story sites and sat and read many stories, halfway through a long story he decided itd be more fun to read this in a WET diaper. His mom soon peeked her head in the room.

He actually looked at some baseball stats, erased all the diaper stuff from the internet history and went up to his room.

He took off his sopping pull-up and put that in the back of the drawer of old clothes with the other wet one and the final dry one. He then changed into regular boxers and went to bed. The rest of the week was uneventful, the days of school wound down then there was the last day of school dance at Nicks junior high. That night after the dance he hung out with friends and they all talked about their summer plans and what theyd be doing. Nick, finally retreated home and went to bed.

Diaperboy stories

In the morning his mother woke him up and asked him to help him pack his sisters things for the summer camp she was going to. Nick threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and helped his sister carry her bags out to the Explorer. Nick help me with these bags.

After a boring 3 hour drive they dropped off Gina at her camp, and said there goodbyes. About an hour into the drive home Nick dozed off and next thing he knew he woke up as they were pulling in the drive way.

He drowsily stumbled to his room and went to bed.

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