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Eldar human romance fanfiction

Eldar Human Romance Fanfiction
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Discussion in ' Games ' started by SteelbadgerMar 16, Q3 - - Competition Ending Soon! Many forums are only accessible if you have an. Why don't you register? Which two stories did you think were the best?

Name: Carlee

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40 thousand reasons

Times and dates in your local timezone. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. notifications for thre you want to watch closely. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. If you are already a member then feel free to now. Then I used dice-rolling to make all it's inhabitants using 1d4chan's faction creation tables. The more I rolled, the less creative I got with them, so some lack fluff besides the base statistics I rolled.

Also understand that most of this is a direct copy-paste from my documents, so some may have annotations and personal commentary that was meant Eldar human romance fanfiction help me as a writer I left it in because I thought it would add flavor. Here's where you really get to see how bad I've gotten with building random armies for fun.

Humble personality, ministering to savage hive-gangers. Unremarkable, lackluster in virtually every way, and currently attracted to one of the Battle Sisters, Enyo. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skinned.

After risking death to "protect" Enyo from a mutant she could have easily defeated it herself given her wargear and training he is rewarded with an eviscerator chainsword in addition to his humble laspistol for "Devoted Service".

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Note that he's only about 5 foot two inches or 1. Enyo: A member of Adepta Sororitas and Dagda's personal romantic interest. She takes Dagda's Eviscerator and trains him with it personally. She also finds Dagda's fawning to be completely embarrassing and unprofessional, and sincerely wishes he would stop.

Alecto: Hermenegildo's assistant psyker, a pale and unhealthy looking woman with a mutation of yellow eyes. Known for her simple-minded worldview and her iron discipline against the temptation of ruinous powers. Ironically she forced upon herself the aforementioned simple-mindedness in an attempt to thwart "The voices".

Since the ruinous powers utilize very basic instincts that no human can completely suppress, this has led to Alecto being, in addition to simple minded, completely insane. Lord Callen Hesker: The Rogue Trader descended from the man who founded the Area, Callen Hesker is a ruthless meritocrat, insisting on merciless efficiency.

He is also Vask's father. His entire attitude can be summed up by the character Thomas C Durant from "Hell on Wheels" Warning: the following content in italics is not my work, all credit of the following quote goes to the TV show "Hell on Wheels" and those who created it. Looking for a villian? I'll play the part. After all, what is a drama without a villian? And what is the building of this grand road, if not a drama? This business is not for the weak of heart. It is a thorny, brutal affair that rewards the lion for his ferocity.

What of the poor zebra!?

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Make no mistake. Blood will be spilt, lives will be lost, fortunes will be made, and men will be ruined. There will be betrayal, and scandal, and perfidy of epic proportions.

But the lion shall prevail. You see, the secret I know is this; all of history is driven by the lion.

We drag the poor zebra kicking and braying, staining the earth with it's cheap blood. History does not remember us fondly. But then, history is written Eldar human romance fanfiction the zebra; for the zebra. One hundred years hence, when this railroad spans the continent and America rises to be the greatest power the world has seen, I will be remembered as a caitiff. A malefactor, who only operated out of greed for personal gain. All true. But remember this: Without me, and men like me, your glorious railroad would never be built.

Durant, Hell on Wheels. Captain Vask Hesker: An imperial captain of an escort vessel. Noted for his bold, sometimes outright foolhardy maneuvers. Captain Hesker soon makes a name for himself ordering for the boarding of a Dark Eldar raiding vessel, personally attending the boarding party, not to seek glory but to give his troops a sense of "Unwavering Faith" in their abilities.

He orders that any slave or indentured worker who might kill one of the Dark Eldar scum be immediately released from bondage. After taking the craft, he has all the Dark Eldar corpses lashed to the outside of the captured craft and has it left in orbit around one of the outer moons to "Serve as a warning to any Xenos foolish enough to interfere with Humanities Manifest Destiny. He wasted a whole lot of human lives for absolutely no purpose. Onshin: Leader of the craftworld Jusai-Iex by merit, this comparatively young Eldar is known as a cunning autarch.

He has chosen the Path specifically to the exclusion of all others yes, this is indeed possible from my findings on WH40K Wikia However, he has a penchant for grudges. While he has whipped up considerable frenzy in the youngsters over the offenses of the Flensed Corpse Kabal, he sees the wisdom of the Zia-shui craftworld's counsel. Knowing that if he halts his war with the Flensed Corpse now his guardian warriors will most likely turn to the path of the Outcast, he believes it is time to end this fight once and for all.

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He will use the imperial system of Rekhel to bait the Flensed Corpse into an attack. From there, he plans to wait until the raid has evolved into a full-blown planetary wide raid, then he will strike. He will cut them off from their retreat, and crush them between his forces and the anvil of the Vet-ala, whom he plans to recruit.

Knowing the value of such an old and wizened leader, a Hellion gang formed around him. The gang captured a ship forge in the docking spires, and soon became a Kabal in it's own right. While the Kabal was formed of sheer, giddy entertainment for the quest of excitement and sport, Fharzan has always had des of political power in Commoragh.

Eldar stories

To this end, he hopes to sell off slaves from his frequent raids to amass the fortune he needs to bankroll the Kabal. He has no interest in continuing the feud between his kabal and the Eldar Craftworld of Jusai-Iex, however his kabalite warriors have every intention of seeing this affair to it's bitter conclusion. Ynetra: Autarch of the Craftworld Zia Shui this character has perhaps garnered a lot of misunderstanding if you've read my fic.

Read the next part very carefully: Screw. Now, first, lets point out the obvious part about Marines not getting romantically involved with anyone. That's a given. But furthermore, I need to stress my outlook on all these EldarXHuman fanfics flying around.

To which I say that Warhammer 40k is not Lord of the Rings. Your personal special-snowflake guardsman is NOT going to swoon an Eldar princess and sweep her off her feet. No matter how valiantly you write, and no matter how well you write it, that part of the canon is not changing.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

So how would I go about explaining Ynetra's strange infatuation with the rogue space marine chapter calling themselves the Marines Apostate? Well, question: Have any of you ever read a story called Big Red? Allow me to enlighten you: In the story of Big Red, the titular show dog named Red is a particularly large Irish Setter. The main character, Danny, is taking care of this dog for a very rich owner who spends most of his time off-screen.

But Danny loves this dog as if it were his own. At the end of the book, Danny is trapped by a bear.

Big Red intercedes, allowing Danny to shoot the bear, but is greviously wounded in the process. Danny apologizes to the rich owner, and the rich owner responds thus: Danny, there is absolutely nothing to apologize for. Red is a show dog.

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