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Fallout 4 raiders speaking german

Fallout 4 Raiders Speaking German


Plus other stuff in Misc downlo. Plus plus: I have also added English files for those who wish to have an English speaking protagonist with whatever interface they are using. There aren't any assets to take, with the exception of Bethesda, of course. This is nothing more than extracting a ba2 and editing voice files within. It isn't hard, just time consuming.

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This has been bothering me for a while now: how is there a character with an Isish accent? Or Brittish or Russian for that matter?

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I mean, Cait probably isn't from Ireland. If she were, I would expect the whole sea-voyage thing would have been included in the life story she spills all over you. I prefer to think that somewhere in New England there is a town populated by the survivors of Vault 98, which was in turn populated entirely of first-generation Irish immigrants.

Perhaps similar national-origin vaults existed all across the United States, explaining the spattering of odd accents in a world where travel across the sea is so unlikely. Accents will prevail and even strengthen in groups and even families for a range of cultural and group identification reasons.

That's why strong accents exist in society despite neutralising influences such as TV or an interchange of differing accents. In a post-apocalyptic world, reduced population pools will only encourage a diversity in accents, not reduce it. Oh, and it's a game. Goes back to the original Fallout titles, many of the characters, like Sulik, Aradesh, Tandi who even changed accents between Fallout 1 and 2had accents. So it is just a part of the Fallout theme that the cultural and ethnic variations have remained very distinct in the post-apocalyptic world.

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Except it is realistic that, in a world without mass media where most humans live in small clusters of family units or like-minded inviduals, pockets of dialects and accents will exist in greater. Mass communication and huge intermingling with different groups can make different speech patterns blend together, but these wastelanders live in a world where you can live your life in relative isolation for large periods of time. Cait's family likely only had regular contact with traders and raiders, for example, and that would have been infrequent enough for their own mode of speech to be predominant for them.

Small isolated communities would likely develop there own accents over time, if not outright regional languages.

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So a small isolated community of people with Irish accents are likely to produce children with Irish accents. Its actually more surprising that everybody in the wasteland is still speaking the same language. You mean like american english as opposed to native american languages?

I did sort of wonder that about Moriarty in FO3. You're not interested, that's fine, but others possibly are. If you think that to be a stupid topic, simply don't look. I for one asked myself that accent question in games.

Where the hell do they come from? Perfectly valid, even in a fantasy setting. There are a lot of Irish in Boston. If they hid together during the war and it's aftermath then their accents should still be intact. ITs very possible people like Dukov, the Bobrov brothers in Diamond city, and others did the same as well.

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If you think everyone in the US speaks with one accent you have not traveled across the states. Different accents from one state to the next and even in different areas of the same state or the same city. We have a very diverse variety of accents. Even here in Alaska from one village to the next we have entire different languages spoken.

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Russian is spoken exclusively in some villages. Yupik in others, and many different dialects of Athabaskan. I won't even go into the or Irish and Korean and German accents that can be heard on any given day just in my little community out in the middle of nowhere and we don't even have many people here. Return to Fallout 4.

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Post a reply. So where do the foreign accents come from? Then of course there are weird variations, like the band of raider ghouls that speak Norwegian because Does this game ever claimed to be realistic? It is a freaking parody of 50s, nothing in Fallout 1 was rational, why would it suddenly become?

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This game is supposed to play out like 50s comic book about villains and heroes. How was realism and logic doing there? Could of sworn they were Russian XD hard to differentiate mid gunfire. But, in the end There was a whole discussion in my mass communications class about this and you hit the nail on the head.

Missed opportunity on Bethesda's part. Perhaps there is still a chance for some DLC exploring this. Perhaps it could even make use of all that empty space just off the coast.

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