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Fuck me hard poems

Fuck Me Hard Poems


Take her from behind Not like a dog, but a god That needs a pounding. I want your body Like right now, not tomorrow Massively horny. Getting wet, I see Your pussy—my tongue, my dick Ready for seconds? Testicles need love So give him a ball massage Then call him your slave. Undress already I like you better naked Jiggling your boobies.

Name: Madelina

What is my age: I am 26
What is my nationaly: Namibian
Color of my hair: Honey-blond

Add to list. I like it dirty. Rip my panties from my waist, put your tongue in, have a taste. Lick me fast and lick me good. Like that don't you? Strip my body, bare my tits, pinch my nipples, mmm that's it. Lick my pussy, do it slow.

Flick on my clit, til cum starts to flow. Spread my pussy, kiss my lips, just like that, and tweak my nips. I like the way you make me moan, I'll suck you later, until you groan. Push your finger all the way in, pull it out and in again.

Faster and deeper I want it to go, make me cum, I want to blow. Moan and shake as my orgasm peaks, switch me places, it's your dick that I seek. I grab your boxers, let your cock spring loose, pull them to your ankles, use my lips as a noose. I suck and lick and I slick it with spit, suck on the tip, sucking more bit by bit.

Moaning and bobbing my head on your cock, picking up rythm, my hips start to rock. Play with your balls, roll them around, suck your cock deeper when you push my head down. Sucking it faster, you pick up the pace, shoot your load, all over my face. Mmm, I like it just like that, you're so fuckin nasty, that's a fact.

I want you to fuck me so hard that I scream, fuck me faster, make me cream. Shove that big cock into my little hole, fuck me hard so my tits roll. Flip me over, fuck me doggy style, I like it this way, make it last a while.

Fuck me hard

Grab me by the tits and fuck even quicker, fuck me hard, fuck me fast til your own cum gets thicker. Push deep inside, give me some more, cum in my pussy, make me sore. I love how you fuck, you quench my pussy's thirst. I'll want some more later, but you get to sleep first. Like 2 3 Clever piece Nicely done Lovely Like 2. Likes: Levon Peter Poe To reply, click a comment. Levon Peter Poe - This is terrific. Throughly enjoyed it. Made my 8inch dick jump in my pants. John P. Pierre - Keep writing.

You fuck me just right (f)

Wilted Rose - oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss now this is what im talkin about now this is some good old steamy erotica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Immortality - LoveGoddess Oh my god I am so bookmarking this! Oh my goodness My mouth just dropped This is NOT your first erotica It's way too good, to be your first. I have absolutely nothing bad or even remotely bad to say about this. It definately got me hott.

And I'm gonna go take a cold ass shower. Seasons Greetings [. Wicked Jester. Marcellus - Excellent! First erotica you say? My goodness, this is soooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttt! Good luck in the contest. You have a winner here. For being the first "naughty poem" you've written, you go into descriptions like one of those dime-store novelists.

I think it's a conflicting combination, but I'll use it anyway. An amateur-pro, most definitely. Always, Orpheus Edited on Aug 25, because ''. Judas Denied - Now this is nasty. Just like we like it. You definitely met the "porn worthy" criteria here. I'm surprised I liked this so much, I tend to despise rhyming poems. Good job. Nyx Iscariot - muahaha i liked it!

LoveGoddess - Thank you both. This is my first It took me about an hour to write but hey I'm not complaining with the. Kinda made myself horny thinking about what to write next. Imagination at its best Thats really the only word that is coming to mind right now very well written, very vivid, That will definatly stand well in the contest.

Just fuck me now

This is a piece of art in the poetry world, great flow and it rhymes which not many so called poets are able to do. Extremely well written, how can I put this, very good choice of words? Infact very very good choice of words. If only porn film director's were more like you. This should certainly cause some competiton in this contest, and again very well written piece.

And another thing, wanna hook up one time? Edited on Aug 23, because ''. Contests Erotica. It's 2am and I'm pulling up in this driveway again. I don't even know Announcing our Android App! Open in App x. Inbox x.

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