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Gay teen wolf fanfiction

Gay Teen Wolf Fanfiction
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Danny had taken Stiles by surprise when he asked the girl to come with him to a gay club, the same one she and Scott had visited, unaware of what it was to get his mind off of Allison. Currently, Danny didn't have a boyfriend and couldn't find a date to go with him to the club, so he had asked Stiles, knowing that the girl had liked the atmosphere of the Jungle. Arriving at Stiles' house, Danny forced his way into her bedroom and stripped the girl of her baggy clothing before he dressed her in a pair of skinny jeans, a black tube top that showed off her toned stomach she got from running away from crazy werewolves and even fixed her make-up for her. After they were prepared for the night, Danny drove off to the Jungle with Stiles and John had allowed them to go since he was sure his daughter would be safe going out with the human boy who was gay. At least he didn't have to worry about Stiles being ripped to shreds or engaging in any sexual activities with Danny by her side.

Name: Melisse

How old am I: 26
Who do I prefer: Guy
What is the color of my hair: Thick hair
What I like to drink: Ale
Tattoo: None

Originally posted by fanfictionfridge.

Imagine Jungle, filled with people, sweat, and a lot of teenage hormones. Scott is dancing with Allison, Lydia, and Isaac while Jackson is grabbing a drink, and Stiles is both dancing and talking to a guy in the far corner of the room.

Lydia walks up out of nowhere with Scott, both of them laughing. As Jackson pushes through people he suddenly bumps into Stiles, who looks up at him with shy eyes.

You goin to the bathroom too? Right as they enter the bathroom, Jackson turns around and pushes Stiles against the door, kissing him.

Stiles looks into the mirror and at Jackson behind him, where Jackson is pushing himself into Stiles with immense strength that is shaking the sink. As shattered pieces of the sink fall to the ground, Stiles puts both his hands on the mirror.

The discussion

He begins kissing Jackson, shoving his tongue down his throat. Jackson begins thrusting even harder and faster, breathing heavily and unable to close his mouth.

Jackson moves his hands up the sink, pushing Stiles further down. One eye is closed and he is biting half his lip. Jackson slaps a fist into the wall as he finishes, the tile shattering and flying through the air.

His eyes are glowing with a blue that lights the room. Once done, Jackson steps out just slightly and within a second, Stiles spins around and pulls Jackson in to kiss.

Jackson dips Stiles over, his head going into the sink. They stand back up and separate, standing there in silence and thinking about what just happened.

They then begin getting dressed. Stiles says nothing but nods his head crazily.

After Jackson walks out, Stiles turns to the mirror and runs both his hands in his hair, staring at himself and reviewing the situation. He smiles and splashes water in his face before turning around and heading to meet Jackson.

Follow me in three.

Apr 26,

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