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Help me crossdress

Help Me Crossdress


Crossdressing Tips for Beginning Crossdressers. Just started crossdressing? I once had your same mindset. Few transgender girls went further - starting with less - than yours truly. I was once a non-passable, pudgy mutt.

Name: Pollyanna

What is my age: 18
My sex: I'm girl
Hair: Fair
What I like to drink: Champagne
I like: Blogging
My piercing: None

In episode andNicole L. I love the podcast and really wanted to reach out and find out more about our community and offer my experience as it may help someone listening. How do you feel about the term crossdresser?

Do you agree with the word? Is it an outdated term? Are you yourself a crossdresser? I prefer the term crossdresser to more derogatory terms like tranny or shemale.

With regards to your gender identity, you seem to not care about labels really, when you were speaking with Giselle in your Curi — YAAS conversation with her. So how would you classify your gender identity? Do you think we should just get rid of labels entirely? Labels to me are confusing at times lol.

America's foremost transgender woman

But on the other hand labels are important to some people to help them feel like they belong. Personally I think society has created too many ways to be a person, by that I mean I think we should be able to just be ourselves without judgment or labels, just be the person you want to be. Help me crossdress regards to your sexuality, you seem to be into women as you do have a fiancee congratulations by the way! How did you come to terms with that? Have you experimented at all with same sex relationships? You spoke about many things with Giselle, and one thing that made an impression was that you do have a 9-year-old son and you expressed worries about him discovering your Nicole alter ego.

Do you feel any shame with Nicole when it comes to your son? What steps could you take to help your son understand what Nicole means to you?

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Or do you want to try and separate Nicole in your relationship with your son? You live in Ireland and you talked a little bit about the unique qualities the Irish have when it comes to the LGBTQ community in terms of acceptance. In your opinion, does the outlook of the LGBTQ community for Ireland look more positive, negative, or the same, and why?

I think its a positive outlook.

For the most part I think people want to be more open minded and accepting. What does that even mean to you? But mainly I do it for a confidence boost. Others have had it worse. Tell us about your fashion sense and how you developed it! Skater skirts!

Well being a crossdresser means you get to see life from a different prospective.

Hope and light

It makes us more intuitive and aware of our partners needs. I say embrace it! You are different yes, but your uniqueness makes you special and the ones that appreciate that uniqueness are the ones worth your time. Anything that costs your mental health is too expensive, so if you feel down about purging, shame or dysphoria ask yourself this question… Why am I letting the opinions of those around shape my future?

This world can be ugly and it can consume the unique beauty it holds within. How will you approach Nicole moving forward? Does anything change after being on the podcast? Talking to Giselle really helped me come out of my comfort zone. Absolutely YAAS!! Giselle is such an inspiration and a credit to the community. And finally, where can people support and follow Nicole on social media! I started listening to the podcast awhile back, but really started to get more involved when the CrossYAAS Confidential Discord server was created.

With regards to your gender identity, Help me crossdress said genderfluid with your chat with Giselle, but do you care to elaborate on that? Do you even like labels when it comes to your gender Help me crossdress I really started to explore my own gender identity a bit more by connecting with others on Discord! For many years, I just thought that I was just a crossdresser, but after ing communities like our very own CrossYAAS Confidential Discord, sharing my experiences and listening to the experiences of others, I started to realize there was more to it than just clothes and makeup.

I started exploring my gender identity a bit more, which usually involved a lot of self reflection and asking myself what I really want in the long term. Eventually I settled on genderfluid, although I have also explored the possibility that I am bigender. With regards to your sexuality, you said in your chat with Giselle that you were into femininity.

Can you explain that a bit more? You opened up a lot to Giselle and of the many things that stood out was your challenges with your parents and family. What did it take for you to finally muster up the courage to tell them? Having so many supportive friends online was probably one of the biggest sources of courage I had when I came out to my family. When I first came out to my mom, I was chatting with Sierra and another friend and they helped me calm down and take that first step.

The same thing happened when I came out to my dad. Madi Millions, a friend of the show, really helped me overcome a lot of the fears that were holding me back.

As for coming out to the rest of my family, there are a few people I would like to tell eventually. Their opinions about gender and sexuality are pretty rigid and I can definitely see some of them having a real problem with me being myself.

You also talked a bit about being in the movie industry and your worries about your gender identity being an issue in finding a job. How real is this fear? Have you heard of stories where people cannot find work in that industry because of who they are?

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I actually have no real idea if my fears are real or unfounded. What I do know is that building a career in Hollywood often relies on making connections and first impressions.

Whether or not me being genderfluid is something that could make or break my career is a big fear I have. Hopefully after I graduate and begin working in the industry I will get a better sense of things. I went almost a whole year without being able to dress and the only thing that kept me sane were my friends.

I actually think this was a big reason I realized that being Lilly was more than just a hobby and that she is a part of my identity. When I first started crossdressing, I swung between super casual and super formal my first purchases were a pair of black leggings and a red formal dress.

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My style tends to be pretty put together, but nothing that would be out of place in everyday situations. Most of my wardrobe consists of different colors and styles of tops which I pair with skirts. Things like learning makeup and buying clothes seemed like insurmountable obstacles to me and I spent years holding myself back because of those fears.

But once I took those steps I realized how easy it was to just try new things and see how they made me feel. How will you approach Lilly moving forward? My approach to Lilly and my gender identity moving forward is to keep taking steps to get myself out there. Whether that means hanging out with friends as Lilly, going to weddings or just walking my dogs, I want to feel free to be myself more often.

I think being able to voice your thoughts and stories with others is such an important part of discovering your own identity. Are you comfortable with the term? In some ways yes, I consider myself a crossdresser, and in some ways no. Yes because as a male or female, you are dressing in clothes of the other sex and try to act like you are that gender.

Then again, I also think no, because why do we need to have names Help me crossdress boxes for everything?

How would you identify with your gender identity? Do you think you fall under the transgender umbrella? Why or why not? How would you classify your sexuality? I would say I am bisexual. I found that out after liking a boy on a holiday and I liked intimate contact with him, but I do find women attractive a bit more.

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Crossdresser Heaven is a safe and welcoming place for everyone in the crossdresser community to make friends and find joy on their journey.

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As we became better and better friends, he confessed to me that his sartorial interests were with feminine clothing, and that he had been wearing female lingerie under his tweed suits for many years.

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