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Horse rape story

Horse Rape Story
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The year I turned 16 was a spectacular one, my parents were both partners in a growing law firm down in Tennesee and were acquiring a steady flow of new customers. However the uniform was built for girls, and I was not one. By 16 years of age I already had a round pair of double D breast with what I considered dainty nipples at their centers.

Name: Rosaline

What is my age: 18
Gender: Lady
What is my hair: White
I understand: Spanish
My body features: I'm fat
My favourite music: Rock
I have piercing: None

After finishing the first chamber, a maze with raping dogs, in record time, she has now advanced into the second chamber. But how many chambers are there and will she make it out alive? When Julia had finished washing herself - though she was quite sure that no amount of washing could make her feel clean anytime soon - the watchers above were already applauding and cheering the next woman.

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Would Caesar have recovered in time to "greet" the new woman? How did the saying go? Better you than me. She looked up. Only three watchers remained, amongst them, of course, Adelia in her light blue tunic.

What the hell was wrong with that woman? Julia sat down on the bed and tried to relax. Every once in a while, another cheer came from the crowd. Good for them!

Horse rape in the farm

So long as that other woman got raped, they wouldn't come to the bathing chamber to stare at her. It took probably the better part of two hours until the other woman had found the key and entered the bathing chamber, too. Her name was Danielle, a black-haired woman with full breasts and luxurious hips. At least Horse rape story wasn't a sobbing wreck when she arrived - Julia couldn't stand those types, weaklings who dumped their misery on others and soaked up sympathy as if it was expensive wine.

After the watchers had left, food was lowered into the chamber. Danielle tried once more to tell her life story during their meal but Julia made abundantly clear that she didn't want to hear any of it. In the evening, wooden planks were placed on the roof and the room went almost dark, safe for thin lines of sunlight passing between the planks. They both slept in the same bed, covered only with the towels. The wooden planes were removed again late on the next morning.

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But before the servants above had finished their task, the southern wall slid aside, revealing a huge meadow that seemed to be several times larger than the bathing chamber. Out there, four guards stood and She ran towards Julia and jumped into her arms. If Julia hadn't caught Adelia, both would have fallen onto the floor. From up close, Adelia turned out to be a very young woman. No more than twenty years old, probably, and even that seemed like a high estimate. How could one so young have such sick desires? The guards stood ready to pull the two apart if anything happened, Julia noted.

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Then Adelia whispered into her ear: "I'm here to help you escape! Julia ignored it. She had let another woman touch her before. If it got her out of this horrible place, she could take it. She whispered back: "Really? Adelia laughed: "Not at all!

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I said I wanted to see you moan under those big, strong animals! Damn that woman! She had gotten Julia again, yesterday by toying with her fear, today by toying with her hopes. And still she was kneading her buttocks with obvious joy. Julia looked at the guards, then spoke calmly: "Look, Adelia, I may have been caught with a woman, but I only did it because I wanted her money, I'm not Still wary of the guards, she pushed Adelia away, slowly and gently. Adelia smiled joyfully when she stepped back and winked to the guards who then began pulling a rusty iron cage into the bathing chamber.

Next, Danielle was led out of the chamber by two guards, leaving only Adelia and the two remaining guards when the wall closed again. Julia didn't like where this was heading. I want you to moan, just for me!

I don't know what has happened in your life and I don't know why you think you have to do this. But it is not right. It is not right for a woman to lay with And of course, a large black dog trotted into the room.

Mozart, undoubtedly. Julia watched with dread as the dog came into the bathing chamber, wagging its stupid tail. It sniffed at the cage, then turned on Julia who was less than keen about offering herself right in front of Adelia and the guards.

It somehow felt personal this time. But Mozart quickly became impatient and knocked her down with a jump. Its paws scratched her back. When Julia tried to get up, she felt the dog's teeth grab her neck just like all the others before. The first, and probably last, warning. She knew what she had to do. Get into the position.

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She kept her hands on the ground and brought her knees under her body. And no sooner had she raised her back than did the dog get on top of her, keeping its teeth on her neck while shifting into the right position. Julia didn't dare to turn her head, but she could well imagine the way Adelia had to be looking at her right now. The dog stabbed its dick against her bared ass cheeks a few times before it hit home.

And then the furious thrusts started again, pushing Julia's labia forth and back at a pace that would have been more appropriate for whipping cream in a pot. And, true to the now familiar procedure, its dick grew quickly. First it was just a little worm dashing in and out between her lips, then it went deeper with each thrust, brushing her harder as it widened and surprised her with its heat again.

The dog's paws had closed around her belly, scratching her. She came to realize that what she hated most about this phase of the coupling was the rocking. The dog's humps shook her entire body forth and back, forcing her to rock with it and making her breasts wobble while its furry backside slapped into her ass.

A dog was moving her body around! This was so degrading! Then the disgusting dog dick began to hit her cervix! Like that other dog. Oh dammit, she already knew those terrible things by their names - and by their dicks! With each unpleasant stroke, the heated piston increased its pressure against the delicate gateway, trying to wedge its spear-like tip into the tender entrance. Don't go there, stupid dog! But the dog didn't care.

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Its humping soon ceased and it held that ugly dick pressed into her, held its little tip pressed against her cervix, its regular spray of fluids violating her womb in the same way Charlie had done it. The knot began to swell, stretching her and making the contact between it and her insides all the stronger. And the dog's teeth remained around her neck, declaring that lowly animal as her temporary master.

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