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How to convince your girlfriend to have a threeway with another guy

How To Convince Your Girlfriend To Have A Threeway With Another Guy


How you word the conversation is very important. We all interpret the meaning of a word differently, so tone is very important.

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The right words

Your wife or girlfriend tells you that she has a fantasy of being with 2 guys. How do you handle it? But for most of us, this would raise some questions about what the heck to do about that announcement.

Hey Alex, Just had my girl tell me that she had a really sexual dream of being with two guys for the first time. She said it was real hot. I have anxiety about what things that could lead to. But what now? Obviously this situation is causing you some anxiety, and most men would certainly feel the same way.

Only a small percentage of men manage this despite the fact that the vast majority of women have bisexual fantasies and many not all, obviously! In other words, you are the real deal my friend.

A confident man, and obviously a great lover for your woman. And shame is the enemy here. You already did the first thing right! The second a woman sniffs a tiny hint of you shaming her for having sexual desires, she will share them with her vibrator, her best friends, and possibly the man she is having an affair with… but never again with YOU.

Women, much like men, turn out to be human. And part of the human condition is having all sorts of deep, powerful, and often really kinky sexual desires and cravings. I have had many fantasies about fighting a dual with razor-sharp swords with some bad guy that is terrorizing a group of damsels in distress. In my fantasy, by the way, I always win with stunning skill and grace.

Now, in your case, it sounds like your girlfriend wants to try this out in real life. Try tying her wrists and blind-folding her and then having a large group of very different men take turns having their way with her all of them actually you, of course. Some things are just better in fantasy, like my sword fight.

A harder dick? Fuck her harder? Once you can be okay with your self and not feel shame around it, you can have a matter-of-fact conversation with your girl and explain what you are willing… and what you are NOT willing to do in comfortable way. Some day, perhaps because of her clear choice to respect your limits as a man, and your own desire to face your fears, you both might cross that line together. First of all, men and women are different.

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Some folks are just more comfortable as swingers. So if you brought a guy in, you would not be sharing him together. This is a pretty ificant difference. And while plenty of straight men can enjoy a MMF threesome, it often becomes competitive and weird, and the odds of the vibe becoming negative are much higher than for a MFF threesome.

Do these in reverse order and logically explain to her that two dudes is bad and two girls is good, and you will make her feel judged. If you have anxiety around the idea of your woman being with other men especially if you find yourself wondering about her ex-boyfriends.

2. assure your partner it’s not because they're "lacking" anything

She deserves the confident man that is locked up inside of you. Since he has been studying and refining his heart-centered theories on sexuality and relationships. Through his writing, lectures, videos, and public appearances, he has helped tens of thousands of men, women, and couples achieve greater confidence, intimacy, relationship health, and love. Eligible Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for urban men and women who want the best from their dating life, their relationships and themselves.

It features articles and video content on dating, relationships, sex, wellness and lifestyle by some of the country's foremost experts. The magazine is available online, for sale on Apple's Newsstand for your iPad or iPhone. Mine is almost similar to Alex. My wife woke up one day and told me she had a dream the last night about a threesome.

Now while I thought the same thing most guys might which was a FFM she continued to say it was with me and another guy. I gave a short gulp to the thought because in the past if she had a dream about it the way I had thought she would hit me and say I needed to apologize for sleeping with another girl in her dream. But the gulp was more just shock then anything, because she has always said 3somes were just wrong. With this all being said I will go back a space and give a small story with this as well.

My wife and I have been married for 10 years now and the marriage has been rocky which is the thing that makes this a bit harder. We are high school sweet hearts and right after we got married I ed the service and have been in the military since.

How to have a threesome with your girlfriend

When we started dating I found out that I was her first in almost everything kiss, sexy oral, ect. Which I honestly could not say the same. Needless to say I am stronger then most men are because I was her first, BUT, I was not the last I deployed to Iraq twice and both times had to come home on emergency leave to deal with relation ship issues.

The first deployment she was with another service member who she went to highschool with along with several sexual online video relationships as well as phone sex with a now ex best friend.

How to ask for a threesome (without offending her)

From that one I sent her back to our home town and after I finished the deployment kept her there. After our son completed the school year there they came back to live with me only to find out she slept with another man who gave her and subsequently me an STD clymidia which we both got rid ofimmedieatly.

We are still together and even though it has been emotionally rocky for the last 7 years we are doing a lot better. I think at the time it kinda scared her. But to be honest with all that being said I think it would be kind of a nice turn on and a new thing to spice up are sex life since we are hitting a bit of a rut. So for my part I am down with trying out her dream, however it has bothered me since she said it that she may try to find someone on the side behind my back because of our rut.

The last part is when she talked about her dream I told her that we could try it jokingly only because I was still shocked by the whole thing that if we did that then maybe we could try a FMF as well. After she said that I kinda killed the conversation by moving on to other things. However I will admit I probably did the wrong thing since then I have brought it up jokingly since then which after Reading everything you wrote that that was probably the wrong thing to do because she was comfortable enough to to talk to me about her 3somes dream.

I plan on going home and apologizing to her on that to hopefully talk more to her on the whole thing. My concern and the reason I am posting this is. Is this something that we could try or is this something we should just stay away from.

But I will say the fear of her enjoying it scares me because she was almost ready to run off with the guy that lived at my house during my second deployment. I hope all is well for you but honestly a girl that cheats on you while your away on duty serving your country is absolutly no good! Never will be. The ultimate betrayal.

End it to save future heartache. Then the boyfriend should man up and allow the girlfriend to pursue MMF threesomes outside of the relationship. Life is too damn short for that. You must not have a relationship that is dear to you. A relationship where you love your partner is sacred, that being said there is a level of respect needed for it to work on both ends. I could say to my fiance hey I just had sex with some woman I met at the store. This article is excellent and I luckily did all of these things before i even read this but my god is this accurate.

Hello, Am JBlzzz I need advice, in this case. I would be so horrified and insulted by you I would break it off immediately. You are the man Robert! More men need to say no to this messed up depravity. I wish more people would see this too:. Sex toys will eventually graduate to infidelity. But nobody calls it like it is.

If a guy were to tell his girl that her vagina was no longer sufficient that he needed porn or a fleshlight there would be hell to pay.

The female mind

As you said he has never loved he sees sex as gratification for himself. I have slightly different situation: my gf wants me to watch her having sex. First off stop having sex out of marriage. Secondly run! You have feelings and this crap is just that crap. Kick her butt to the curb.

1. explain why it interests you

If she wants to bring another man in the bedroom it means indeed that she does not love you and she does not respect you either. I have had a good deal of girlfriends over the past years. Only the ones that wanted a threesome were cheaters. They lacked true love and they were too selfish. I have also talked to many women about this topic and ALL of them admit that if a woman wants another man in the bed she does not love you. Who knew?

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