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Humiliating diaper stories

Humiliating Diaper Stories


Judy was unconvinced and slide a finger down the front of the diaper, despite his protests. Judy pulled out wet wipes and a fresh diaper from a bag on the stroller and laid him down gently but firmly on his back on the coffee table. Not here. Please, not here. She opened his old diaper revealing his bare crotch to the cold room.

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James and Karen were a normal couple. They laughed and cried they had a life together. The only thing odd was that fact that Karen had control of most if not all of the things that happened in their lives. Karen took care of the finances.

James was happy with this it meant that he need not be bothered with all that mess. Karen knew that she had a lot of Humiliating diaper stories over James but it was just the way things were. They were happy that way. It fit their personalities well. This would soon change how ever when one day, all of a sudden, James just started wetting the bed.

He never woke up it just happened in his sleep. He had no control over it. The first couple nights, although shocked, Karen was very caring and supportive. Nothing was physically wrong with James and to Karen that meant he was doing on purpose. How could her grown man of a husband be acting like such ? She asked herself.

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Finally she had enough. She had woken up too many times next to this child that was supposed to be her husband.

It was time for action. She visited two stores that day one she paid for a new mattress, seeing the old one was yellow and stained and stunk like it belonged to a five year old with a bladder growth problem, and had it delivered to the house. Next she stopped by the neighborhood pharmacy. So in addition to the diapers she also bought some babyish looking stickers of the Care bears, Loony toons, Disney characters and the best of all Barney the Purple dinosaur.

He always says how much he hates that show. Also on her list was clear tape and some white duck tape. They were perfect she thought. They looked just like the older type baby disposable diapers she remembered as. Later she would use two four-inch pieces of the white duck tape as the fasteners instead of the regular tapes that came on the diapers. Soon she heard a knock on the door.

The new clean mattress was here. Karen directed Humiliating diaper stories men where to put it and said that they could take the old one away it was garbage anyway. Now everything was in place for James arrival home from work.

When James arrived home he went to change out of his work clothes and into something more comfortable. He came back down stairs to greet his wife and remarked about the new mattress, and how he liked it but was worried about it getting ruined like the old one. There are going to be some changes around here. From now on you will be punished for wetting your bed like.

Your first punishment will be to do the dished from dinner by hand. Since you hate it so much. After a few quick swats she let him up and told him to do as he was told. With his head held down he obediently walked over to the sink to carry out his punishment. Karen knew now that her plan would work well.

Any resistance that James had could be broken by a few good smacks on his ass. After he was through he ed Karen in the living room to watch some television. He sat next to her and settled into the couch.

It just happens. It is either as some sort of rebellion against me or some part of you wants to be again.

Which ever the problem is my solution will fix it. Since you are acting like you will be treated like one from now on. James, knowing there was no arguing with her, proceeded upstairs to the bedroom. These are the new rules. You will wear a diaper to bed every night until you learn to grow up and be a man again. If you decide to be a baby and wet your night diaper, you will wear diapers for the whole next day.

His pants were pulled down and put away. Little babies like you cant have all this hair in their diaper area it could make their diapers leak. Go Nair it all off from your chest down to your feet. Then let me know when you are done. More than a half hour went by and James yelled down Humiliating diaper stories hall that he was done. Karen returned to the bedroom to the sight of James trying to cover up his now hairless form with his hands.

As she approached James with the first diaper that he would soon be wearing, he gasped. He had seen depends before and he thought well that wont be so bad.

Diaper humiliation stories

But he never even imagined that Karen had done some thing like this. As he did she grabbed his ankles and pushed them forward this motion lifted his rear end off the bed. As it did Karen slid the diaper under him and let his legs fall on either side of her. She then powdered him and taped him up in his diaper.

James felt such shame his now hairless man hood was taped up in a diaper that looked like it belonged to a two year old. Karen then dressed him in a short t-shirt that just came to the top of his diaper so that the whole diaper showed when he stood up. As she patted him on his diapered rear. James turned red as he saw himself in the mirror.

Now get in bed. That smile again appeared on her face.

[nsfw, story] the two mistakes that left my little girl’s dignity in tatters

She turned out the light as she closed the door and returned down stairs to finish watching television. Good story although she shouldn't have forced this on him, I have personal experience with what your character is going through only in real life, I have been in diapers since I turned 30 yrs of age in like him the doc's couldn't find a reason why it was happening to me and also employed that It was deliberate something I know in my heart is not true.

However I wouldn't mind someone taking care of me like a baby as I have psychological issues that means I had trouble growing up, I also am supportive of those going through marital crisises as I have seen too many of my relatives or former friends end up in bitterness and pain after Humiliating diaper stories devorces. If I were to find a carer and a place of my own however far away that maybe from my relatives and friends then I would ask for a bedroom to be converted into a nursary for myself not just because I am a ABDL or anything weired but because I am physically disabled although thankfully not wheelchair or bed bound.

Anyway sorry if I am criticizing your story it's just I know what it's like to become a victim of abuse in the form of bullying. Cute post if it wasn't so true for me due to being a diabetic was forced back into diapers so know how he feels. This is a wonderful start to the tale but there's so much more to come, I hope. What about bath times? Does she bath him now?

What Humiliating diaper stories he wear besides his nappies? Does he have a babysitter when Mummy wants to go out? And i hope that she really does put him to bed at 8.

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