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My wife makes me wear panties

My Wife Makes Me Wear Panties


For many men who wear lingerie, the most difficult part of the journey isn't making the decision to wear these garments, it's letting their partner know about their desires and habits when it comes to lingerie. It's hard enough finding a nice lady to be with in this day and age—without also having to worry about finding someone who will be accepting of, and perhaps even enjoy, your choices.

Name: Ronni

What is my age: 37
I like to drink: I prefer to drink cider
I have tattoo: None

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Search Search. Menu Sections. I have known for a long time that my husband has a panties fetish, but he has never been open to me about it.

Now that all our children have left home, he has been dropping hints about including it in our sex life. I know that he wears them on a regular basis although he never does it in front of me. But wanting to include it in our sex life is making me uneasy.

Mary replies: Fetishes are quite difficult to deal with, because what is very appealing to one person is totally abhorrent to another. Indeed, in all my years counselling, I only once came across a couple who were both quite happy for him to use female underwear and clothes.

In fact, we joked about who would wear the wedding dress at the approaching ceremony. They were attending me for something quite different; the subject of underwear came up in the conversation. They simply like the silky feel on their bodies and get a sense of relaxation when they have them on.

But others find them very arousing and get a much stronger erection and ejaculation because of having worn them, perhaps during the day and looking forward to the evening. Your husband is dropping hints because he is trying to see how the land lies now that the children have left the family home.

I think the best thing you can do the next time he raises the subject is to ask him to tell you exactly what he has in mind. He will probably ask that you allow him to wear the panties while you are having foreplay. Give him the benefit of a full discussion and if you feel that this is something that you simply cannot allow, then tell him that you are sorry but it is not for you.

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So to reiterate — you should never have to do anything in any sort of sexual encounter that makes you feel uncomfortable and he will have to respect that. Be sure to emphasise when you are speaking with him that you love him and appreciate what a good man he is, and tell him all the things that you feel happy about in the relationship. Rather than him feeling rejected, you want him to know that he is appreciated.

Sometimes a fetish can have far-reaching and unexpected consequences. However, he unfortunately suffered a massive heart attack and died while she was out of town. When she got the phone call telling her of his demise she was, naturally, totally shocked.

To her immense relief, from the point of view of both discretion and privacy for her family, she discovered he had not. All correspondence will be treated in confidence. Close 'I have known for a long time that my husband has a panties fetish'.

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Most of his interest seems to focus on the panties and pantyhose that I have on under my skirt suits.

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I want my wife to dominate me, make me wear her panties and have her way with me

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I want my wife to dominate me, make me wear her panties and have her way with me