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Petticoat discipline fiction

Petticoat Discipline Fiction


I understand why writers follow this formula. The boy is dependent on and can be overpowered by adult women. He can easily be made to look like a girl.

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Gilbert wrote many other stories that he shared with his friends. Most of these stories included one or more drawings by Barbara Jean, BJ. Fortunately I own most of the original art and was able to have BJ redo the other drawings.

Petticoat discipline: mistress dede forced feminization stories series (unabridged‪)‬

Some stories were not illustrated so I commissioned drawings by Juan in a style I think Gilbert would have liked. A crimson flush darkened his cheeks as the women drew the froth of petticoats from side to side, teasingly remarking, "Little girls love rustily petticoats!

Master Lindsay slowly accepted his status as his Mummy's little darling. Of course there were anguished moments when he would hear other boys jeering at him or making cutting remarks about his cissy clothes. You nasty, horrid boy! WHAT are you doing here in my room, wearing that gown?

Miss Sylvia, a wealthy spinster, had been searching for months to find a suitable youth whom she could transform into a replica of herself as a little girl. She often stood before the large oil painting of herself remarking, "I'll find a twin for you darling, Petticoat discipline fiction matter how long it may take!

You are to be dressed as Petticoat discipline fiction prim little ten-year-old Miss! Nancy was one of the names the Nan Gilbert called herself so these stories may be autobiographical. Howard's Aunt had one favorite punishment she subjected him to if he displeased her. She would order him to his room to undress and then array him in elaborately frilled drawers, petticoats and a frock, even chancing his name to ' Nancy ' while he wore them.

On this particular afternoon he was seated disconsolately on a chair placed in front of her, the picture of crushed boyhood, for, despite his fifteen years, she insisted on dressing and treating him as of seven. With a knowing smile, she observed, " Nancy dear, we are going to have visitors this weekend. My youngest Sister and her darling Daughter, Susan! It will be nice for her to have a little girl to play with! Little Nancy was the Pet of all his Aunt's friends, for, although fifteen years of age but rather small or a boy that old, she insisted on dressing him as though he were a little darling girl of six.

He certainly was not looking forward to visiting his Aunt; that is why he had pleaded so vehemently with his Mother to stay at home. He could remember the last time when his Aunt and Cousins visited. He had had a miserable time then from his Cousins' teasing of what they called 'the little boy dainty clothes' his Mother liked to dress him in.

What would it be like this time now they were all older? He turned to face me, wide-eyed with apprehension. Aunty glared at me, as she sought to console the weeping girl. This announcement was accompanied by a sudden hushed silence from the girls, who looked at each other aghast. At that moment I wished the floor would open under me and swallow me up. Mary stood transfixed for a moment, her eyes lit up with excitement, her hands clasped over her bosom in an expression of ecstasy.

His petticoats frou-froued prettily. His face became one of despair, and he stopped where he was, bursting into tears anew. As he emerged from the fitting room, clutching his Aunty's arm to keep from stumbling over his heels, to his horror, he spied a girl of whom he was very fond approaching, accompanied by her Mother. With a malicious smile, Aunty whispered, "Why Roberta! You astonish me! I thought you would be thrilled to have everyone see your pretty new ensemble!

Robert peeked out from under half-lidded eyes. His lips drooped, his eyes opened wide, appearing about to pop out of their sockets as he stared in disbelief at his reflection, shouting, "OH NO! That can't be me! With a merry laugh, Susan retorted, "Of course it is you, Miss Roberta, who else could it be?

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Surely I had not heard her correctly. The giggling girls screamed and stepped back as Robert made a menacing motion towards them. He stopped short as Mademoiselle gave him a smarting slap on the cheek, hissing, "There will be none of that, Miss Roberta! Now apologize to your cousins! Placed facing the mirrors, Robert wept softly as he stared in disbelief at his reflection. Surely this pretty little sissy staring back at him from the depths of the mirror could not really be himself. His Aunt put her hands on his arms, whispering, "There Roberta darling, aren't you thrilled that Aunty has decided to convert you into a charming little Miss?

Robert whimpered, "Oh Aunty, I just want to die, I'm so miserable! You wouldn't wish to ruin your makeup, would you Miss Roberta!

I don't want to go down there! It was for naught as he found himself being marched down the staircase.

He shut his eyes tightly to blot out the sight of his Aunt and cousins derisive expressions when they spied him. He has become simply impossible of late, and the neighbors are complaining about his mean, bullying ways towards their daughters.

Oh what can I do? I have tried chastising him and depriving him of privilege, none of which seem to have any effect. Tell me, do you know anything that would help? Aunty, "Phyllis, I want you to tell me how Robert acts this afternoon, as I have warned him that any ungentlemanly behavior and I shall put him into dresses for a month. You will report to me won't you? After months of severe figure training and deportment, Robert's Aunty feels it is time for her to present her darling, feminized boy-girl to the public.

Aunty gay laughter echoed about the breakfast room on spying Robert's dejected expression. The ecstatic exclamations of the ladies of the Androgynocracy Society, sweep about the room:. One which I am positive will quite thrill you! A slight tremor caressed Robert's frame as he sat demurely in his lavishly frilled boudoir, facing his Aunt.

Sissy jennifer — the petticoat punishment stories written by nan

The slight movement caused the folds of his elaborately frilled pink satin negligee to shimmer, and it was not missed by the eagle eye of his hunt. With genuine approval, his Aunt exclaimed, "My, don't we look sweet! Why you're as pretty as a picture! The other children will simply be green with envy when they see your lovely ensemble!

Robert winced, a deep Petticoat discipline fiction darkening his cheeks, a tear starting to trickle from his eye as he pleaded, "Please, please Aunty, say I don't have to accompany you! Everyone will laugh at me, dressed this way! Aunty decided to adopt a lad of Roberta's age and train him for duties as a 'Personal Maid' to Roberta. Like Robert, he fought against being feminized, but Aunty was shrewd, discovering that crisp, rustling taffeta held a subtle calming effect on Nancy. Consequently she ordered crisp taffeta uniforms for him to wear, as well as rustling petticoats.

Sissy jennifer — the petticoat punishment stories written by nan

Little did he realize the futility of denying the wishes of a determined female. Aunty announced that she was so taken with Madame's idea of having Geraldine serve as a prim maid that she had decided to have her seamstress create a suitable costume for Roberta. Through a door at the side of the room, a perfectly exquisite figure emerged.

With the short blond curls, the large pearl earrings, the careful makeup, including carmined Cupid's bow lips, there was little to proclaim the figure to be that of her nephew.

He made a beautiful spectacle as he minced daintily back and forth before us, lips held tightly together as if the lad was striving mightily to hold back his tears. Everyone clapped loudly, and all agreed that the ensemble was delightful. Like my chums I took great pleasure in teasing the girls who lived in our neighborhood, sending them shrieking into their houses. I received many a scolding from Mother about this and the threat that, if I continued, she would invoke some dire punishment on me. Little did I dream of what it would be.

Petticoat discipline: mistress dede forced feminization stories series (unabridged‪)‬

Miss Grace left the room for a moment or so and returned accompanied by two teen-aged girls dressed in keeping with ten-year-olds. Bobby glanced up, sniffed and turned his face away from them.

He did not see the amused glance which they exchanged. Here I have spared not a penny to groom you for the role, ever since that day the talent scout spied you, and now you complain that you do not wish to be Miss Dottie Dimples!

I want to wear trousers like other boys and have fun like they do! I shudder to think of what they would be like had we let them continue to wear trousers!

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As the trim figure of her smartly uniformed 'Maid' fussed with her hairdo, Roberta's Mother sighed as she remarked, "Really Roberta I am the most fortunate Mommy in all the world to have so adorable a son-daughter to look after her Mommy's every need. Roberta crimsons and lids his eyes, as his Mummy and her guest burst into peals of gay laughter. I think you understand! Her preparations for his homecoming had been extensive. His room had been completely renovated; every trace of his fondest possessions packed in large cartons and placed in the attic.

Petticoat discipline: a mother's story

The furniture was removed and decorators summoned. The walls were papered with a quaint Goday print pattern with white framed Goday prints of ladies and children in elegant attire of the 70'e added for additional flair.

Robert watched nervously as Miss Strict gathered up his discarded clothes in a bundle and then stepped out of the room, tossing over her shoulder, "Remain where you are until I return with something more suitable for you to wear. Robert whirled about, cheeks crimson, eyes blazing, "But His cheeks paled at the glint which appeared in his Step-Mother's eyes, as she remarked, "Indeed it is dear, and quite suited to your New Life!

A time passes and two crimson-cheeked, pretty little girls emerge from the cubicle, tears trickling down their cheeks.

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