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Phryne fisher jack robinson fanfiction

Phryne Fisher Jack Robinson Fanfiction


I was wondering what the title of my recently read fanfic where Phryne gets locked up by her mother in her room because she was pregnant. They sent Jack because her family in Melbourne were worried. Thanks for the help! Hello and thank you for your ask! We believe this must be one of the fanfiction.

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FanFiction unleash your imagination.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Homewards by S. Winter-Fitzgerald reviews Phryne has returned to London and this trip has lead her to think about 'home' and where it is. Come after me by NancyMay reviews Set directly after the end of Season 3. Phryne had called to Jack to 'come after me' when she ran to the plane.

Hugh finds a way out….

This story imagines what happens when he finally does. After the first chapter the action will move to England. Or does it? Absolute fluff. Deeper than the Pacific by HarleQueen21 reviews Post s3.

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Phryne arrives back in Australia and is instantly thrown into a case which nearly costs her her life. As they work on new cases together, Phryne and Jack must also confront the mystery surrounding their own relationship, which is further complicated by an unexpected surprise which will change both their lives forever. Jack does not know their story, but perhaps Phryne will share with him. Along the way there is a surprise for Jack and Phryne, and a murder mystery or two to solve. Blue Sky, River Red by Idolatrous reviews After returning from England, Phryne agrees to a trip to the countryside to work on her complicated feelings.

When a body is found on the property, she throws herself into the mystery as a distraction from her woes, but soon finds herself embroiled in a complex and deeply disturbing murder case, one that is further complicated by the arrival of an unexpected visitor Mac, Prudence - Complete.

Though she be but little, she is fierce

A Noble Truth by Elsa reviews After the Sanderson case, Jack and his men have gone on a mission to find and return all the stolen girls to their families. They've uncovered a crime ring decades in the making, and in the process of doing the right thing, the noble thing, Jack finds a connection to the sister of a certain someone that rocks Phryne's world.

Royal Blues by MissTempleton reviews Jack has to leave town and won't say why. Phryne's disconsolate, until an old friend sails into view.

Jackrobinson stories

Butler, Bert - Complete. Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Ardin reviews Two violent murders have Melbourne police stumped until Jack and Phryne get unexpected help from someone Phryne knew, and thought she'd lost, during the war. Case story.

Set between seasons 2 and 3 of MFMM. This is a crossover with the show "Forever", but you don't need to know a single thing about that show to understand this. Definitely MFMM centric.

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Cantons of Contemned Love by MissTempleton reviews It was always going to happen when least expected. On the other hand, the way it happened was still the most likely circumstance. Oh, and there's a murder. It would be ridiculous to expect murder or other mayhem to accompany them on the way.

Jack & phryne

Phryne's in London, and Jack's in Melbourne. Crime, however, is international - and Victoria's Commissioner of Police has a problem. How Beautiful and Free by S. But what was supposed to be a relaxing time turns into a murder investigation and, as if that wasn't enough, there's also much to think about regarding Australia.

Like Jack, for instance. Luckily, he is surrounded by people who love him and won't let him sink hopelessly into depression. Part of the 'Milestones' series Solace From the Storm by Elsa reviews After learning of Jack's engagement to Concetta, Phryne begins to act more recklessly, choosing to find some solace in the arms of strangers to avoid thinking about the man she's fallen for. One particular stranger bears a striking resemblance to her Detective and after a night of rash decisions, she finds out why they look similar Mac - Complete.

Mr and Mrs Robinson by Lady Arabella Malfoy reviews Phryne finds herself in the worst trouble a single woman can get into. The solution is rather simple, but nobody said there will be a happy ending after the 'I dos.

Jack, when faced with a long separation from her must make his own difficult choices. How will she and Jack handle this latest crisis?

What happens when these two have to handle tough questions and make serious decisions Bedfellows by Gingham reviews "Phryne was in deep bliss. All these things had become essential to her, from the most passionate embrace to the easy domestic scenes she would have cringed at just months before.

They'd barely spent a night apart. The only problem was, if she didn't get some sleep soon, she was going to kill him. Not related to any AU. Helpless by SuiGenerisB reviews Phryne struggles to come to grips with a tragic accident.

The Unexpected Visitor by Gingham reviews Phryne's musings about Jack's family are finally answered when a stranger shows up at City South. Set after 3 07 as Jack and Phryne get closer.

Some fluff, some family dramaz, some high stakes action and pancakes. It's why she went to her secret garden.

Jackrobinson stories

Jack's presence adds a whole new element to her evening. Family Values by albot reviews When Phryne's uncle is found dead, she and Jack must find the killer whilst evading questions about their personal lives from Miss Fisher's nosy family members- and trying to figure out the answers to those questions in the first place.

Murder of the Marital Status by QueenofConstellations reviews When Rosie comes nosing back into Jack's life, he has a hard time deciding if he wants to put himself at risk for heartbreak with his ex-wife or the woman who claims to not be the marrying kind. With a killer of young girls on the loose that has his eyes on Jane, the Detective Inspector and Miss Fisher are put in close quarters.

That does not help his though processes. Symphony by Firebird9 reviews An overture is only the place where the music begins. Set in the months after 3.

Though it's difficult to notice when one is not a telescope. Jack touches Phryne Loving Series 3!

Missfisher stories

Repentance by Gingham reviews Six months after leaving for England, Phryne returns, determined to ignore the man who never came after her. But on her arrival she finds a very different Melbourne, one rocked by abduction, murder and a failed police investigation. Determined to find out the truth, Phryne embarks on her biggest challenge yet: bringing Jack Robinson back from the abyss.

Charming by Katinka31 reviews Smoothing her windblown bob as best she could, Phryne Fisher entered the lobby of the Savoy and paused to exhale. As usual Jack has to run to keep up with her. Two 11 year old girls from different sides of the globe meet at summer camp, and realise they have more in common than just strikingly similar faces, and a mutual love of pranks. New chapter every thursday.

Phryne fisher/jack robinson

The Course of True Love by meggles reviews "The course of true love never did run smooth. Of course things between Jack and Phryne could never just happen, easily- there are too many demons in each of their pasts, too many issues to reconcile for a future. Mac, Jane. Finally by Evendale reviews What if Aunt Prudence had not interrupted that fateful moment. An exploration of Jack and Phryne's relationship.

Warning: absolutely M-rated! Where there is an ending, there is also a beginning.

Now complete.

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