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Pokemon harem fanfiction

Pokemon Harem Fanfiction
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Pokemon lemon fanfic

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Update. Ash's Pokemon harem. Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon, or will ever make money on this story.

This is a story of Ash and Bi harem. And by that I mean Ash will have fun with both Male's and Female's, but mostly females. Have any Idea's please tell me. It was a beautiful in Kento, the Pidgey's were chirping and the Rattata were running allover the fields. The sun shined throw a window of a the room in the small town of Pallet Town. There was a ten year old named Ash Ketchum.

Pokemon ash harem fanfiction

Ash was up for two hours now, getting ready to start his journey into the Pokemon League. He then looked at his mother with a sad look on his face as he ask, "Is dad still away on business. It's doesn't matter, as long as it is cute. Ash has just fond out little over a year ago that he likes pokemon more then most do, and just then Ash was knocked back into reality when he ran into some one and fell to the ground. I think my grand farther is almost out. Ash ran with all his might until Professor Oak's house came into sight, and Ash ran up the steps and knocked on the door.

Well, I'm sorry Ash but I'm all out of the three starters. I have one you can have, but I must warn you. She is a hand full.

He held it out with his hand and in a shine of red was a pikachu with a heart shape on the end of it's tall. After about thirdly minutes of cursing, Ash left with the unwilling Pikachu with him. Ash and Pikachu have been walking for a hour or so, and had seen many pokemon but Pikachu refused to lessen to him. At noon, Ash fond a lovely meadow and he set up some lunch.

Pikachu sat near a tree and ate some fruit. After lunch, Ash tried to get pikachu but she ran off into the woods. Ash just continued to walk deeper in the woods calling out for Pikachu with on luck, until here hared a moan coming from a bush.

Ash went over to the bushes and looked in them, and the sight of what he saw made him blush and get a little hard.

Hey everyone owo how was it now since i submitted a

There was Pikachu, using one of her paws to rub her lower lips and moaned very loudly. Ash watch as the she continued to masturbate until he took a step and stepped on a stick. Pikachu blush as she gets ready for another shock, but Ash spoke up. It's okay. Then Ash got an idea as he put Pikachu on his lap. And with that Ash layed her on the ground and plunged his face into Pikachu's pussy. Ash used his index and middle finger to open up her lips, and licked it wildy.

Pikachu moaned louder as she was going insane with plesure by her and she knew any second she would climax. Ash licked her cum off his face and then saw he had a Pokemon harem fanfiction on. Ash leaned over her and whispered, "Pikachu, I'm ready to mate. So, can I mate with you? Ash sat up, undid is pants, and let out his pre-teen dick. Pikachu was shocked at the sight of Ash's dick, at leased five inchs and half an inch thick.

Not that big to humans but to Pikachu's it was huge, being twice the size. Ash picked Pikachu up and set her on his lap. Ash got her set on top of his dick and he pushed her down onto it.

Pikachu cryed out in pain as she was being stretched out by his dick. Ash push his intier dick into Pikachu and waited for her to agust to it. After a few minutes Pikachu gave Ash the okay and he pulled her up until it was almost all the way out, and then he pushed back in. This went on for a while, with moans coming Pokemon harem fanfiction both of them. Ash began to feel the pressure in his nalls, so he layed her on the ground and began to pound her like no tomorrow.

Moans of plesure and pain came from Pikachu as she was now being fucked wildly. Ash eyes shot open by hearing his pokemon call out his name and he went over the edge, and he shot after shot of his cum into her womb. After about three minutes, Ash's dick was beganing to soften and he pulled out. Ash then looked at Pikachu and smiled at the sight of the little mouse pokemon with a mixture of both their juices in between her legs.

Ashxharem stories

But something was bugging Ash. Pikachu cudddled up next to him and before Ash fall asleep he said, "I love you, Pikachu. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story. Report Story.

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