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Rwby spanking fanfiction

Rwby Spanking Fanfiction
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The contestants are divided into two teams Pulling out a box of matches from your backpack, you light one of the sticks with your tongue, smiling creepily as you approach Mike's defenseless body ever so closely with the dangerous match. He was at one point a competitor in a reality TV show called Total Drama Island and competed in two seasons. Yunju x Reader Hunter x Hunter 8. Some that are broken up, some that are still together.

Name: Livy

Years old: 42
What is my hair: Auburn
Body type: My body type is quite slender

Dare: get spanked by every girl there without saying a word. If you scream, yell, moan or make a sound the person that gets to spank again, repeatedly if needed, No semblances No robot arms. Noraa dark expression on her face : Huh….

I kinda gotta go through with it. Coco : Really? This is your chance to smack a cute butt and you all just sit there? Pyrrha : Well it would make me feel less guilty if I have to do it! Nora : Kissing a wound better is just a symbol of sympathy! Blake : Pretty sure Pyrrha just wanted an excuse to kiss your butt, Nora.

Team rwby's humiliating life

Pyrrha is a pajama bottoms with slippers type. Ciel always, always wears her beloved beret, and is on team combat skirts for life. Penny just has to look at her and Ciel has hold back giggles. Cinder Alt Attire. Pyrrhawaving at Nora as she enters : Hello again. Noraturning away for a moment, covering her mouth with her hands : Oh my gods…. Pyrrha : Does…this have to do with Truth or Dare by any chance.

Pyrrha : Well…. Pyrrhasmiling : I understand. And I would love to kiss you as well. Nora : I mean, we could always just…go out on a date after words. Pyrrha : Oh, right. Norasteps closer, their bodies against one another : Pyrrha…. Noraeyes fluttering shut, mouth slightly open : Pyrrha….

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Pyrrhaholding Nora a bit tighter : Nora…. Yangmicrophone in hand : Ladies, gentlemen, enbys of all varieties, this contest is to determine the arm wrestling champion of the woooooorld! Blake : Yang, at least wrap a blanket around your waist or something.

Pyrrhabowing as the others applaud : Thank you, thank you. Yang : And on the other side of the table, she hails from—.

Yang : Oh right. Noraflexing : Yeeeaaaaaah! Pyrrhahands on her hips : Ahaha!

You may swing a big hammer, but how big are the weights you swing in the gym? Nora : I eat barbells for breakfast, along with a buttload of protein! Pyrrha : But do you possess the endurance and resilience needed to defeat me in an arm wrestling match?

Nora : I could beat you at anything except a height competition.

Pyrrhastepping up and offering a hand : Prove up we shall. Nora : For the championship!

Rubyin awe : This is like witnessing two planets collide, an event so massive and spectacular on a cosmic scale. Nora : But…. I l i a : Holy shit, no way! Cinder, chomping down handfuls of popcorn, engrossed by the arm wrestling match : This is so fucking epic…. Nora and Pyrrha are at a stalemate, their hands centered as they continue to struggle against one another.

Pyrrhasmiling, her green eye gleaming : You need…. Nora : No! Yangpointing : It touched! Pyrrha wins!!!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Pyrrhastanding to her feet and raising her arm : Champion! Norafalling to her knees, but smiling : Damn, she got me. Rubyrunning up to Pyrrha and hugging her : You did it Pyrrha!!! Pyrrhahugging her back : And thank you for cheering me on! Pyrrhaturning towards her only to see her bottomless, holding out a pair of blue undies : O-oh….

Norashrugging and smiling : Congrats, Pyr. You earned these. And you earned this. Yang : Hey, let her enjoy her trophy a bit, she worked hard for this—. Pyrrhalaughing and setting the pile on the ground : Everyone can have their underwear back.

Yang : But legally speaking, they all still belong to Pyrrha. Well this was certainly something, but I had fun making it! I love a good fictional tournament. Might do another one some time…. Neogrumpy : I thought I could fake you out with my fake confidence. Neosighing and rolling her eyes : Fine. Neon : Oh yes, we are ready to see the smallest butt on the planet.

Neowinking at her, then suddenly illusioning up some waist-high curtains to surround herself : Whoops. NeoRwby spanking fanfiction her underwear to Blake from behind her curtains : Congrats. Blakelooking down at the brown, white and pink garment : Oh, of course. Both of you could win this whole thing. Norastaring across at Ruby intensely : Oh, I do plan to win this whole thing, Rose. Ruby : Ha! Nora : Haha! Such grandstanding will get you nowhere! Allow our strength to bring forth the resolution to this quarrel!

Have at thee! The equal opposing forces of their hands fighting against each other almost produces a visible shockwave.

Weissrubbing her temples : Brothers fucking Grimm, do you have to be so lou—. Nora : Aha! Rwby spanking fanfiction are but another conquest of Valkyrie the Conqueror! Produce to me my spoils of war! Ruby : OKAY! Emerald : Yang, you and I both know you could easily break my arm into pieces. I will not take that chance. Yangsighing and accepting the garments : Thank you, gracious Emerald. I only used my robot arm earlier because it was robot arm versus robot. I know Cinder is an honest competitor and would only ask of such an accommodation if she thought it necessary.

Pyrrhasmiling innocently : But Cinder, using your robot arm was your idea. Cinder : Wow. You just cured my embarrassment, thanks. Pyrrhacatching the panties, but staring at Cinder for a moment : Oh dear…. Cindersitting down and still covering herself, her face turning red : Well? Move onto the next round or…whatever. Weiss : And we have to take off our underwear when we lose?!

P y r r h awaving : Hello again!

Total drama x reader one shots

Rubyputting a hand on her shoulder : Weiss…. Weisssmacking her hand away : Stop saying lift! I would arm wrestle with classmates all the time back in combat school.

Our new persons

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It is a Pollunation ship story where the team loves being humiliated in various ways.

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