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Secret of sandtrap

Secret Of Sandtrap
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Sandtrap was a big map that released with Halo 3 back in It features mysterious, ancient ruins that have been partially excavated.

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OP Metallic Junkie. No joke! For all of you Halo 3 players out there, you should remember the secret of sandtrap and how people tried so hard to find it.

Well I think I found it, and now all I need is help. In one interview that was posted on the front a loong time ago, someone link to it please?

All we need to know is how to translate them. Well, I found it I am almost positive.

In Halo 3, the terminals display a message. Well I think this is how we translate it.

The symbol coresponds to the letter. For example, if the word "Hello" appears in the terminal, lets say the letter "o" flashes into a symbol and then back to the letter "o".

Well that symbol would mean "o". We need to slow down the terminal videos so we can see the symbols carefully. Then we need someone to go into sandtrap and view the symbols, and translate.

It will be hard work, but it will be worth it!!! Show More Show Less. If it's a severed had, I'm going to be very upset. However, if it's Ling-Ling's head Do you know the secret ingredient in Po's father's Secret Ingredient Soup is?

The "secret of sandtrap": unsolved bungie cipher from

Can't you find the Terminals on Youtube or something? What is this, I don't even If I had a capture card I would so help you with this.

I understand that videos on youtube are the best for slowing things down to and analyzing something like this. Good luck! Dude I am going to send you a friend request cause I have practice and wont be home for a few hours I want you to show me later please so I can help.

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I have a capture card by the way that captures in i if thats any help. I think it is better for you to just go and play halo 3 : and look? Sorry for the stupid answer x i forget that,I meant it is easier to get a close look if you paly yourself.

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These objects are textured with a UV Map Gridwhich is commonly placed on an object for 3d modelers to determine the coordinates of a texture onto the object.

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I was curious about what some of you thought of the "secret in the dirt" instruction and videos.

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Sandtrap is a multiplayer map featured in Halo 3.

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If your strategy for sand traps is to completely avoid them, then you may want to reevaluate your approach!

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