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Starbound fiery star

Starbound Fiery Star


After waking up late and nearly missing your own graduation to officially become a member of the Terrene Protectorate, disaster strikes when a mysterious entity simply known as The Ruin begins destroying Earth. As you jump into a barely functioning space ship to escape, you find yourself hopelessly lost in a sea of stars. From there, you must visit procedurally generated planets to research technology, meet new people, explore, and save the universe. Not to be confused with a Classic Mac game that lets you conquer planets to get more ships and destroy opposing races, nor with a Lucky Star fic aiming to parody EarthBound. Take Terraria and give it a more Science Fiction based focus with space travel and you have Starbound.

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Stars are bodies represented in the console, each of which has a system of planets around it. Stars are colored according to their type which dictates the threat and biomes of planets around them.

Stars cannot be traveled to—they are unselectable outside the galaxy view of the console. All stellar systems have four regions within which objects can appear they are listed from innermost to outermost : the Inner Regionwhich has four orbitals slots for objects ; the Mid Regionwhich has two orbitals; the Outer Regionwhich has three orbitals; and the Gate Regionthe outermost orbital of the system.

In the following paragraphs, X stands in for the tier associated with the star at the center of the stellar system. Gas Giants, though they are selectable in the Console, have no solid ground, and SAIL will not allow you to travel directly to them, only to one of their satellites.

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An object always appears in the Gate Region' s orbital. Tiered planets in the Gate orbital do not get to generate moons. Moons, Barren planets, Asteroid Fields and Ancient Gateways cannot generate with any kind of satellite.

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Purpose of fiery star worlds?

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