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Stepmother spanking stories

Stepmother Spanking Stories


Post a Comment. Wednesday, March 18, My Stepmother 2. She left my room and went to her own.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Yvonne was desperately happy now that she had married Dennis. True, Dennis was somewhat older, in his 50s, but he was really a man who did not let age dim his wonderful sense of humor and all-around desirability.

He was so much fun to be with everywhere and that included the bedroom where Yvonne was more than satisfied with his ability to take her over the edge to places she had only dreamed about.

There was only one slight issue that Yvonne knew she would have to deal with soon but knowing that Dennis had totally supported her made her feel much more confident about her prospects of success. Dennis's daughter by his first marriage, Kathryn, had moved home and lived on the top floor of their spacious house. Kathryn had not been pleased Stepmother spanking stories her father had chosen to marry someone who was only barely two years older than she was, but seemed jealous as well of Yvonne's loveliness and her excellent taste in clothing.

Clearly, these aspects of Yvonne's persona had appealed greatly to Dennis, along with the alacrity with which she had responded to his sexual overtures when they began sleeping together. Now things had grown tense in the house. Kathryn tended to ignore Yvonne and left her own room in a total mess, which Yvonne felt was entirely out of order for a year-old.

When Yvonne mentioned to Kathryn that she should take better care of her clothes, Kathryn looked at her with a sneer and said, "Just because you're fucking my father, don't think you are in charge of everything around here. Yvonne actually had quite a dominant personality which she managed to keep to herself in the best European tradition. One night in bed, just after Dennis had been inside her warm tight orifice for quite some time, she whispered in his ear that he needed to do one more thing to ensure her happiness. He looked at her with that delighted glance of his and asked what in the world that might be as his still-hard penis plunged even deeper into her vibrating vagina.

It will be important for our future relationship for you to allow me to be in charge of this. I want to tell Stepmother spanking stories that as long as she lives here, I am in charge, both of the house Dennis looked deeply into his beloved's hazel eyes. I think you and your wife treated Kathryn as a bit of a princess.

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I don't intend to be unfair but I will tell her that I am now in charge and warn her that I will punish her if she does not do what I say around here," Yvonne crisply went on, outlining her intentions to her loving husband. Amazingly enough, Dennis seemed relieved to be spared Stepmother spanking stories to take any kind of firm hand with his daughter, whom he loved but whom he knew had grown up just as spoiled as his new wife described. Then he looked at her with a grin. Am I right about that? Yvonne tried to keep her composure as his perception of what she had in mind made her start to lubricate all over again and she was afraid, since he was still inside her, that he might think she had lost control and urinated.

Yvonne had dressed in her most severe outfit on the afternoon when Kathryn arrived to see her stepmother to ask for her spending money that Daddy had been so liberal in giving her. She put on a lovely white ruffled blouse and her favourite grey flannel skirt, with a burgundy leather belt, matching handbag and pumps, and sheer stockings, with a seam no less.

The blouse was opaque so that even her bra outlines did not show nor were any panty lines visible under the grey skirt as Yvonne had dug out a half slip of the kind she hardly ever bothered with any more.

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It was amusing for Yvonne to see how the tenor of the interview moved from Kathryn's initial arrogance to her finally saying, in response to Yvonne's telling her how irresponsible she had been and that this could not be permitted to continue, to her stepmother: "Well, if I can't be responsible, as you call it, are you going to spank me or something? This was just the opening Yvonne needed.

It didn't take Kathryn long to realize that this hated young stepmother was not joking in the slightest.

Kathryn figured something like this would happen ever since she first brought the subject up with her father. She hated herself for allowing her need for cash to override her pride, and the blow that that attribute would take the moment she lowered her panties to accept a spanking from Yvonne. Now let's start by having you lift your skirt, Kathryn, and getting here over my lap. Kathryn couldn't believe this was actually happening and then she realized that Yvonne's fingers were in the waistband of her pink panties and about to lower them. And I intend to spank you on the bare because I've found that that is the way naughty girls learn to behave.

Kathryn cringed but decided she had gone this far and did not even try to keep Yvonne from lowering her panties. Yvonne now looked at her stepdaughter's bare buttock cheeks and also noticed the plentiful hair down between them. She wondered what kind of sex life Kathryn was having.

Time enough later to find out about that. She began spanking slowly and deliberately and with increasing strength. It was quite interesting to see Kathryn's cheeks turn rosy as she began to squirm and complain that Yvonne was hurting her. She even moved her legs and Yvonne could see that she had quite a prominent mons, bush, and vulval fig between those legs. At this point, Yvonne knew that she just had to keep on spanking until those cheeks turned deep crimson and Kathryn was ready to promise just about everything to get Yvonne to stop.

It didn't take her too long. Yvonne's strong hand kept slapping the sensitive cheeks, aiming toward the inner surface near the anal crack. She noticed that Kathryn was especially sensitive the closer she got to that crack, so she stopped the spanking and ordered her to hold her cheeks open.

By now, Kathryn was done resisting—she just wanted this over and would pledge anything to make sure Yvonne never did this to her again. Yvonne of course had entirely different ideas about that. With Kathryn holding her cheeks wide apart, Yvonne made sure her spanking palm came into direct contact with Kathryn's cute little anal rosebud.

Kathryn realized now that not only was she being spanked right on her anus but that Yvonne was staring at this intensely private place. When Yvonne finally stopped spanking long enough to admire the deep shade of red she had induced in Kathryn's posterior, she picked up her thin cane and lightly tapped it on the now exceedingly sore cheeks.

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Kathryn began to moan and mutter that Yvonne was killing her. Yvonne merely took the cane and slowly ran it through Kathryn's legs, making sure it made contact with her labia and clit. The feeling of this scary implement touching Kathryn's most sensitive and intimate places made her shiver but now she promised Yvonne she would "be good".

Yvonne lay the thin cane across Kathryn's ample bare cheeks and slowly drew it back.

With merely a light flick, she snapped it across the cheeks and saw a bright red tramline appear just as Kathryn screeched out in both surprise and pain. Before Kathryn could respond any more, Yvonne flicked her wrist once again and the cane bit into Kathryn's hindquarters leaving another red tramline.

Now she began to cry. Yvonne proceed to apply several more crisp strokes with her small, thin cane.

After Kathryn began to buck and move her rear to try to avoid the strokes, Yvonne held her tightly across her waist and told her to keep still if she didn't want to receive what the young stepmother only referred to as "a more severe punishment. Once Kathryn realized that this was no longer a game of wills, Yvonne, while Kathryn lay across her lap, began to outline how things would work from now on.

Any time you think about saying something to me or in front of others that is out of line, remember that I will mark it down and every week at this time, you will pay off your bad marks in this position. Do I make myself clear? Kathryn whimpered, "Yes, Yvonne. You should understand that if you misbehave while others are present, I will not hesitate to have you lower your panties and spank you in front of them. I truly hope that will not be necessary. Yvonne now told Kathryn she could get up from her stepmother's lap and pull her panties up. Kathryn quietly said she would obey the order and unhooked and removed her bra, allowing her 34B breasts to move rather freely beneath her thin blouse.

As she left the bedroom, Yvonne figured that this would keep her mind focused on following the new regime.

The stepmother carefully bent the little cane only enough to fit in her handbag. She realized that it would be so useful having it available right there the next time Kathryn's behavior required its use. The next Friday arrived before Yvonne had hardly become accustomed to Kathryn's generally good behavior and respectful attitude. Kathryn mentioned that she would be going out shortly as she had plans that included, Yvonne assumed, a date with one of her regular boyfriends. Yvonne took this moment to remind her stepdaughter that before she went out, they would have to complete the weekly review of Kathryn's behavior.

Kathryn turned red and frowned, but quickly realized she had better maintain a good attitude; already, she began to worry that Yvonne might "ground" her if she got on her bad side. Yvonne smiled at the compliant tone and responded that she would be happy to do that and suggested that they go to her bedroom.

Kathryn always felt nervous in that bedroom, since it only made her think of how her father was fucking this woman and the thought annoyed her a lot. Kathryn was intent on making sure that Yvonne knew nothing about Kathryn's rather active sex life—the stepdaughter did not like having to hear the ecstatic noises that emanated from this bedroom at wee hours of the night.

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When they arrived, Yvonne motioned to Kathryn to sit on a low chair near the dressing table. She rather ceremoniously reached into her handbag and withdrew the small red-leather book in which Kathryn's offenses were chronicled. She told Kathryn that she had written down two times when Kathryn had not been respectful, and that on two days, Kathryn had left her room in a mess.

Kathryn's face turned bright red and she was about to tell her stepmother in no uncertain terms that Kathryn's intimate habits were no business of Yvonne's, but she thought better of it, now that she saw Yvonne remove the trusty little cane from the handbag. Although she complied, Kathryn realized that this woman was insinuating herself into places she really had no business going.

The very idea of her inspecting Kathryn's panties to see if they were stained!

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For those that read my first story, I went into my background, so I will go ahead and jump right into this story.

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Well, the marriage did take place and Wendy moved in.