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Tracer and widowmaker fanfic

Tracer And Widowmaker Fanfic


All the talon members gathered at the metting table, she was the only one who didn't show up. She teleported next to Reaper.

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Widowtracer is the femslash ship between Widowmaker and Tracer from the Overwatch fandom. Widowmaker is sent on a mission from Talon to take out Tekhartha Mondatta during his speech at King's Row. Tracer was there during the speech, when she noticed something was wrong and left to find out what. Just as Widowmaker is about to Mondatta, Tracer finds her and begins to shoot at her.

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The two then partake in a fight as Tracer warns Mondatta's bodyguards of the danger. The fight ends in an explosion on the roof that the two fall off.

Widowmaker aims for Tracer's Chronal Accelerator and take's a shot, but Tracer speeds away in time to save herself. However Widowmaker ends up killing Mondatta.

Angry, Tracer attacks Widowmaker again asking why she would kill Mondatta. Widowmaker just laughs as Talon comes to pick her up.


She pushes the two of them off the roof and slams Tracer against the side of the building, damaging her Chronal Accelerator. Widowmaker looks over a hurt Tracer before climbing into the Talon ship and leaving.

The two are considered counters, but also work well together if you're trying to take down a specific player. Shippers began to ship them after their first interaction, which was in the first Cinematic trailer.

It's also used by fans that Tracer's girlfriend Emily has a similar name to Widowmaker's name Amelie. Fans also like to think that before Widowmaker got brainwashed by Talon she helped Lena when she was a new recruit.

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Tracer x widowmaker fanfic

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In an effort to murder her husband Gerard, Talon abducted and brainwashed her.

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Tracer jolted awake and immediately fought against her restraints.