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Ukko drop table

Ukko Drop Table


Warframe Relic Farming — Relic farming is a very important thing in the game, it might be termed as everything too since this game is all about farming and that grind. There are four kinds of relics in this game which you might already know about, but I am going to write about them anyway. The four relics are Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi. Before the changes to the void, void keys were used for farming prime parts, but now the same parts are farming using relics.

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We have a new guide on farming relics for Equinox Prime the new Prime Access. This may become obsolete and will not be updated.

Warframe relic farming – best place to farm neo, lith, meso, axi

We recommend using the Wiki to identify the locations of existing Relics that provide Mesa Prime parts. You can still use the tables below to get an idea of what the fastest methods are for obtaining relics. Mesa Prime Access is finally here! What else could you ask for?

We have provided tables below that show which relics you need and the best places to farm them. You can complete them in under 2 minutes consistently and farm over 30 relics an hour with a good chance of getting several Mesa Prime relics.

This is a popular node on the Star Chart so you can easily a squad and grind as long as you please.

We suggest bringing a Stasis Limbo with max duration and slightly positive range. The slight amount of range is necessary as Mutalist Osprey power carriers are capable of damaging the Excavator through Cataclysm if they get close enough.

If you are in no rush to farm Relics, you can obtain Meso and Neo relics through Helene and Hydron respectively. These are popular areas to level gear so if you are looking to increase your Mastery or Forma some gear, consider these Defense missions so you can also get relics at the same time.

We hope this quick guide and tables helped you with farming Mesa Prime. Once you have her, make sure to check out our Mesa Prime build guide so you can get the most out of your new Warframe. Good luck with those relics! Xini is way way WAY better then what you have listed. The assumption is if you go to Rotation C, it provides you the accumulated chance of getting Axi H4 relic. Your queen will rot long before she can begin to hold a candle to The Poison Kiss.

Because like you, we are people of fine taste that enjoy the luxuries of Saryn wiping entire maps. Capture is faster but I have had more luck with defense as hydron drops 3 of the 4 relics.

I have run Heiracon 22 times I have gotten none of these? Same thing at Ukko and Hepit in the void, am I doing something wrong?

This site require to run :(

And that was a perfect run with a good tileset, turning every corner correctly, not getting knocked down, etc. Still faster thanbut certainly no where near 1 min.

Even less when you have a full squad with sprint boost. I think they meant in-game time. Obviously when you factor in loading time etc, time is closer to what you experienced. Lith M3 2 Feb Reply.

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Anonymous 1 Jan Reply. Are the lith m3 relics still dropping from Hepit? Managed to get it to drop the day Mesa Prime was released and not a single one since. Lith M4 drops the Mesa Prime Neuroptics too. And that is a common drop. BepisMayn 29 Dec Reply.

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Just got an Axi H4 on rotation B Hydron, might need to update your table. Frame Mastery 29 Dec Reply. Thunder 23 Dec Reply. Nickesho 21 Dec Reply. Anonymous 21 Dec Reply.

Use volt in all the speed mods n u can get threw fast in yes nova quik to lol. Undercover 20 Dec Reply.

Fastest and the most efficient is speed volt I finish a capture solo in 52 sec. Frame Mastery 20 Dec Reply. Frostsoul 19 Dec Reply. Whimp-Lo 19 Dec Reply. Anonymous 19 Dec Reply.

I tried Ukko and made it in 1 min 2 secsworth. Frame Mastery 19 Dec Reply. Anonymous 18 Dec Reply. Cipoyo 18 Dec Reply.

Anonymous 24 Dec Reply. Mesa Prime 18 Dec Reply.

Void — Mot got me a M2 and a Z2 on rotation A in one game. Misha 18 Dec Reply. Obgr 18 Dec Reply. Frame Mastery 18 Dec Reply. Nunya 18 Dec Reply.

Xadow 18 Dec Reply. Zack 19 Dec Reply. TRThorson 29 Dec Fatty 19 Dec Reply.

Loki and sprint it almost as fast as speed volt. Anonymous 19 Dec Lmao learn how to Nova… second runs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Close Menu.

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Gara Prime officially arrived this weekbecoming the 32nd Prime Warframe in the game.