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Women being milked by machine

Women Being Milked By Machine


Learn more about royalty-free images. Images Photos Illustrations Vectors Video. Young woman working milking machine to cows on dairy farm stock video Only from iStock. Description she is in a farm milking shed with holstein cattle and attaching machine to cows udders.

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There's a growing of dairy farms where the cows are milked with minimal input from humans. Is this the future of dairy farming? Earlier this year, listeners of The Archers tuned in to hear an internal family debate - about whether to make the switch to robot milking parlours.

Cows on such farms are essentially free to walk into one of the milking robots' holding areas at any point of the day - except for the occasional queue. Once inside, they're identified by their tags.

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If the cow's been milked too recently, an electronic gate le it out. But if not, its udders are brushed and cleaned before a laser pinpoints exactly where to clamp the milk pumps, adjusting its grip to be as gentle as possible.

Higher milk yields and lower workforce costs are two driving factors for farmers adopting robotic milking, says Ian Ohnstad, director of the Dairy Group and a specialist in milking technology. But other farmers place higher value on other benefits, he says, such as a more flexible working day or more time available for more general work on the herd.

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Traditional dairy farmers typically milk cows twice a day using automatic pumps that have to be manually attached - a time-consuming process. The milking robots allow some cows to enter as many as four or five times a day, driven by the prospect of relieving the pressure of milk in their udders, as well as eating while they're milked.

Even at the typical daily average of 2. Bargh says that allowing the cows to be milked more often is better for their health and wellbeing. He says the cows are smart enough to the shortest queues for the robots.

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It's like us going on the road during rush hour time [compared with] driving on a nice country road. But Ohnstad dismisses any major welfare differences. Of course, some animal activists would argue that neither method is sufficiently humane.

Many dairy farmers remain sceptical for other reasons. For the numerous farmers struggling with the plunging price of milkthe cost is still prohibitive - particularly the initial outlay, Ohnstad says.

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The fact that each machine is typically capable of milking 50 or 60 cows a day also makes robots quite a "lumpy" investment, explains Ohnstad, in that farmers have to increase their herd by those large increments to justify their investment. Robotic milking has been available commercially in the UK since but it's taken a while to get going. And the data that these robots can collect is staggering, says Bargh, reeling off various possible stats to be gleaned from the robot's computers, from protein-fat ratio in the milk to white blood cell counts.

But Ohnstad points out that much the same is true of any manual milking parlour these days.

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There's another obstacle to the rise of the milk robot, one that strikes more at the philosophical or sentimental heart of cow farming - proximity to the cows themselves. Bargh agrees, although he argues that farmers who love milking cows are actually better suited to robots.

Each farmer with a robotic system still needs to be constantly overseeing the herd and engaged with the cows. Image source, AFP. Image source, Getty Images. Related Topics.

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The basic layout of the three main types of milking machines are the same.

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