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Xcom viper fanfiction

Xcom Viper Fanfiction
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Out past the passenger side window of the car he sat in, Archer could see snapshots of day-to-day life in City 31, the familiar outlines of Human men, women and children of every Old World nationality he could think of blurred together along with the more alien hybrids, their pallid skin and knobby, ridged forehe distinguishing them as having at least some Alien DNA, Xcom viper fanfiction not to exclude the wholesale aliens, there were the tall and lithe Sectoids, the agile serpentine bodies of the Vipers, and even a few Mutons towering over the crowd. After spending nearly his entire life fighting their former alien invaders and occupiers, it was surreal for the Human to watch them all convene together, and while much of the street's happenings were blurred by the speed of the Vehicle he rode in he could still see glimpses of what life looked like, not just in City 31, but in the entire world.

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She was fully prepared for the fact that she was going to be interrogated, and it was no surprise that, despite having just forged an alliance between her Vipers, and the Human Resistance just minutes ago, he was still very suspicious of her motives. He was so distrustful of her that he had four members of a group called 'Gamma Raptors' with weapons trained on her, and dozens of cameras watching her every moment. She didn't mind though, as she knew 'he' was watching her as well through those cameras. She chuckled at that, amused at how serious he was being with this 'interrogation'.

And even more importantly, 'how long have I been helping you behind the scenes'? She closed her eyes and smiled fondly, remembering those memories, those seven weeks she spent in her friend's hometown, pretending to be a little human girl among the humans she landed near. Of course, by your earth years… I was really seven, though young by your standards I was considered Xcom viper fanfiction 'teenager'. Yes, teenager sounds right. Any case, I had been tasked to learn all I could, and sent in a small one-man ship, with hundreds of my other sisters on the same task. I just so happened to have crash landed during a time you humans called, 'Fourth of July'.

When I landed, I quickly hid my ship, and was beginning to figure out how best to hide among the humans… when I was spotted by 'him'. He figured I meant 'out of town' and I just agreed. He just assumed that my body scales, which weren't completely hidden by genetic modification, were just clothes.

I was given a memory altering device, and I used it to confuse his parents, making them believe my every word. I believe the age is… twenty-five, before a human brain is fully developed. He was only ten at the time, so my device did not work on him.

But he was very trusting, and he accepted me as I was. Funny, even at such an age, he had an advantage over me…". She remembered those days, being very careful to not tell the secrets of the Elders, what their plans were, what she was 'really' doing on Earth, and everything else to keep her mission a secret. Each day I asked him to show me round. Each day we explored, Xcom viper fanfiction each day I learned more and more about how to be 'human'.

At one point, we were watching 'movie'… Power Rangers I believe it was called… and as I watched it… I forgot I was alien. I forgot I was 'Viper'… I felt… 'human' for that brief moment in time. He was a dear friend of mine… he was very special to me… the town I hid in, the places I went to, all of it were special to me. So, after three weeks, I stopped pretending to be human and chose to live as 'human' for as long as I could.

She sighed sadly, remembering those next four weeks. Each day they played games, watched television, sometimes eating pizza and fries or whatever food his mother cooked. She acted like a 'foreign exchange' student, speaking in strange language to them. They even created their own 'language' that only they could read. It was a strange way of speaking between them when they wrote silent messages to each other late at night.

Their code was also incomprehensible to anyone else but them.

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Essentially they were saying 'I need a soda downstairs', and 'After the commercials'. Their messages could never hope to be decoded by anyone who was trying to understand their 'secret spy talk' as they liked to call it. It was random, it was odd, and it was one of their favorite games to play when he happened to be grounded, and she was free to be whatever she wanted thanks to her mind-altering device still working. She glanced up at Central and saw his confused expression. But truth is… in those seven weeks I spent, pretending to be human… I was 'happy'.

By time I came to your planet in disguise, my species was subservient to Elders, 'uplifted' as they called it. My Hierarch Mother and Father… my 'parents' as you would call them, believed in their will.

All actions we did were in their service, I was in complete belief in their will… until I came here. When I was free, for those seven weeks… I felt 'alive', more alive and free than in my lifetime of serving the Elders. When I saw your world, I felt… 'home'.

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She sighed as she remembered that day, all too well. She received the al to return, and knew she had to return, lest the Elders 'pull' her out by force. But she also knew that she couldn't just abandon her new friend, and let whatever the Elders had planned for Earth go awry. So, during her few weeks while she was still pretending to be human, she had begun 'leaking' images of the other Vipers, of the other crafts to the media. Tabloids as they were called, as well as to various governments by way of the 'internet' as humans called it.

It was a brilliant plan she came up with, by using Tabloids humans thought the images and stories were hoaxes and fake, but the governments took silent actions behind the scenes. Her sisters were captured or killed off, vehicles destroyed or taken away. Everything was going according to her plan, until she realized that if nobody returned when the al was sent out, the Xcom viper fanfiction might send 'another' group to learn and hide among humans. So with a heavy heart, she reed to returning to the Elders, but not before she left a few items behind, and made her promise to her friend.

Humans did not believe in 'aliens', some did, many discredited, but only I was alive from those Xcom viper fanfiction to learn. I had left a special capsule, deed to contain and keep an item inside of it, locked away… until the required genetic codes were inserted. I convinced my friend to lock away one of his toys inside of it, and he gave me the other as a 'goodbye' present.

I did the same, and we made a promise that day, that when I returned from my 'trip back home', I would open it with him and we would reunite our two favorite toys together, in the front yard of his home. However, the information I gave them was 'misinformed' and 'greatly exaggerated'. By the time we returned in force, they had an incorrect version of what humans looked like. And while at distance they were decent disguise, the 'thin men' used to hide themselves were obviously alien close up.

Still, as I was the only survivor, I convinced them of a template that would fool them, but their knowledge was very flawed. All I had left of that planet…" She sighed sadly, remembering her lonely days, staring into the void of space, wishing she were back on Earth. She remembered those years, to many years from when she finally returned from her 'mission', to when the invasion began openly. Every day she spent hiding that one, single piece of her newfound home, her love for the new planet that she had found. With it were the ties to her first true 'friend', who treated her like a real friend, not in any way trying to manipulate her or use her for some reason.

Over the many years that stuffed shark was stashed, hidden, shoved and thrown in so many places that eventually it broke and tore to pieces. She used pieces of her human clothing that she kept and 'stitched' the shark together many times, learning on the fly while keeping it secret. There were dozens of times where she almost was discovered, but each time she 'silenced' anyone who discovered her with the toy. To her, that toy was more important than anything in the universe, and with each day she spent Xcom viper fanfiction it and breaking free of the Elders' influence, she found herself hating her 'saviors' more and more.

Eventually, her pure hatred at them grew to the point that her only thought… was freeing herself of them in some way.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She sighed as she remembered the war, stasis pods raining down from above, her 'daughters' at the time infiltrating Xcom viper fanfiction Cities and scouting for target zones. All through it, her ship that she commanded, having been named 'Hierarch Mother', watched and waited for their al to begin a sweep. I was unsuccessful at one time, and feared he was dead… but the al of my container was still transmitting, telling me that it was still safe.

Finally, into the fourth month of the invasion, I could take no more… and secretly sent a transmission using your Earth Network, one that was undetectable by us but humans could see glaringly…". Even more painful than watching as my mother, the Hierarch Mother… died after a failed genetic alteration to her body.

It was even more painful than learning that my father died, 'donating' his genes and essence to aid the Elder's goals. When those happened, I only grew more angered toward the Elders… only the hope that my friend, my human friend still lived… gave me hope.

Despite the powerful advances in weapons and victories they had, they were losing ground across the world. I did all I could to aid him, leaking a al to our underground base on the planet, and even tuning the al of our Overseer vessel so XCOM could find it. Eventually Earth surrendered, our ships landed, and I was tasked with eliminating resistances.

I learned that XCOM's headquarters was overrun, their forces scattered and branded as 'traitors' by their home nations. Yet my calls, my pleas… my messages I sent for my friend… were never answered. She unconsciously tapped the table, contemplating that period of time when Xcom viper fanfiction Elders began taking control of humanity, remembering how the world she had once infiltrated changed.

The joys that she found were slowly being destroyed. Pleasures that had once given her life, lost to the world. Eventually, the resistance against the Elders slowly dissolved into pockets of resistance across several continents. The divide between those who believed the Elders' lies, and those who did not believe them steadily changed.

When I first felt the minds of the Ethereal, or 'Elders' as they are called, I only felt their orders, what they wanted of me. And I obeyed, knowing that my fate had been sealed now that they had direct access to my thoughts, my will, my very mind. All I knew was, with each battle I faced, every resistance I ended… I felt myself becoming more insightful. Strategies I began to anticipate that once eluded me, became crystal clear as the sun rises.

As the years passed, I could predict the outcome of battles before they even began.

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